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Certification of recycled plastics traceability and content

Certification of recycled plastics traceability and content

Certification of recycled plastics traceability and content

Plastics recycling, a commitment to the sustainability of the sector

Law 7/2022 on contaminated waste and soil has been in effect in Spain since 1 January 2023, which includes a new tax on the placing on the market of non-reusable packaging made from non-recycled plastic.

The entry into force of this Law affects all organizations that use non-reusable plastics, either because their products are made of plastic, or because they are marketed in non-reusable plastic packaging, regardless of the place of manufacture of these products.

AENOR, as an entity accredited by ENAC, in accordance with the standardUNE-EN 15343offers you two solutions:

  • The certification of recycled plastic content, aimed at all organizations that need to demonstrate that part or all of the plastic they use is recycled,, meaning they can reduce or avoid the payment of this tax.
  • The traceability of recycled plastic, which helps to show that recycled materials are properly sourced and treated.

Regardless of the scope of the aforementioned Spanish law, this AENOR solution goes beyond packaging, since it is applicable to other products containing plastic such as car dashboards, credit cards, plastic pipes and mobile phone cases, as a means for companies to show the market their commitment to sustainability.

These certifications, together with the certification model Operation Clean Sweep, are included in the Trusted Platform: "Circular economy for plastics", which offers solutions to help companies evolve towards more sustainable models.

Plastics and their waste are very valuable, which is why AENOR is working to provide the industry with tools to show the application of the principles of the circular economy. These certifications are AENOR's value proposition to the plastics sector that facilitates the differentiation of its products and its commitment to circularity.

  • Certification of supermarket bags with a high content of recycled plastic
  • AENOR mark for plastic products (although they are not for single use): pipes, window frames, cables, electrical equipment, insulation, car parts...
  • OCS
  • ISO 9001
  • BRC Packaging

  • Certificate of Plastics recycling traceability and assessment of conformity and recycled content
  • Certificate of Conformity of Minimum content of post-consumer recycled material used in the processing of a plastic product
  • Projects on the Circular Economy of Plastics
  • Appraisal of compositing of containers and packaging (in the case of ISCC+ it is under development)

AENOR mark Recycled Plastics Traceability


AENOR mark Recycled Plastic Content

More than 150 certificates issued to customers, such as: Plásticos Vanguardia, Aguas Danone, Calidad Pascual, Dow, Gestora catalana de residuos.

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