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Second call for applications for grants of up to 20,000 euros published

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has just published the new call for grants for international certification. On this occasion, SMEs that apply may receive up to €20,000 for compulsory or voluntary certifications, provided that they seek to promote the company's export activity.

The requirements for participation are:

  • Be an SME
  • Have a product, service or brand of your own
  • Have a turnover of more than €300,000
  • If you wish to request a voluntary certification, prove status as an exporting company

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 May 2024.


Grants for the digitisation of tourism SMEs in Andalusia
New grants for tourism SMEs in Andalusia with the aim of improving competitiveness in a sustainable way, promoting their growth, innovation and international expansion. These grants, issued on on a non-competitive basis, are part of the Andalusia Feder Programme 2021-2027, within the META 2027 plan.

The Official Gazette of the Regional Government of Andalusia has published the terms and conditions for businesses in the tourism sector to apply for grants of up to 60,000 euros to implement digital solutions.

The deadline for submission of applications is pending until the opening of the call for applications, which will take place in the near future.

New virtual space for SMEs

Here is an exclusive preview of the new virtual space we are preparing for you.

A service that integrates everything AENOR has to offer in terms of SME certification solutions, training, standards, etc., in sustainability, technology and digitization, all perfectly adapted to companies like yours. Whether you've been around for a few years, or you're a startup that's new to the market and you need a boost, find the AENOR solutions that are best suited to your activity.

A space where AENOR firmly supports the growth of SMEs and their transformation to ensure their permanence and sustainability in the market.

We'll guide you through all the phases of your processes.

Transformation and digitization of SMEs

The leap to digitization is also an opportunity for growth. At AENOR, we trust technology and innovation as the main drivers of business development, offering you a service especially designed for the growth and internationalization of SMEs.

This new digital space for companies is a commitment to entrepreneurship, R&D+i and positioning in an increasingly demanding and competitive scenario. A place where you will find up-to-date resources to help the digitization of SMEs and self-employed workers, as well as the certification solutions you need to guarantee your place in on the market.  

Boost the Digital Transformation of your Company

Learn about the advantages offered by these two subsidised training programmes by the EU's Next Generation Funds for SMEs, as part of the Spanish Government's Recovery and Resilience Plan and with the collaboration of the EOI.


Intended for senior staff or area managers in companies with between 10 and 249 employees, in Madrid, Valencian Community and Castilla y León.

Throughout the programme, we will help you to develop your company's Digital Transformation Plan and achieve key digital skills in areas such as leadership, decision-making, project management, digital marketing, data management, cybersecurity and digital transformation.

There are 677 places available! Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in this programme, completely free of charge, with specialised support and monitoring and personal support for you and your company. Sign up HERE!


The Agents of Change programme is aimed at unemployed people or workers from companies with 10 to 249 employees, from the autonomous communities of Galicia or the Canary Islands. It is for people who want to train to be responsible for carrying out the digital transformation of their company. Acquiring business and strategic management skills, and knowledge in different areas of innovation and technology.

There are 262 places available for Agents of Change! Also for companies that want to promote their digital transformation by hiring an Agent of Change who is unemployed. The programme offers a grant of up to €20,000 that can be used when an Agent of Change is hired. The grant is distributed throughout the contract, and a maximum of €1,000 is received monthly, starting from the signing of the contract, and for a maximum of 20 consecutive months. Apply for the grant here

Helping SMEs

The challenges of digitization affect all business operators from different perspectives. This support space for SMEs and the self-employed to digitalise their business offers solutions in two key areas of business development and internationalization: technology and sustainability.

We help you face the challenge of implementing ICT through tools for digital training, such as training in Big Data, security, privacy and management system certification. Within this same training and professional support space, we provide you with additional resources such as good practice guides, videos and eBooks. You will find all the information you need to implement the most innovative strategies in circular economy, carbon footprint reduction and sustainable procurement in all business sectors. 


Sustainable SMEs 

  • Contribution to SDGs
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Decarbonisation
  • Carbon footprint of organisations
  • Carbon footprint of products
  • Circular Economy Strategy
  • Circular economy projects
  • Zero Waste
  • Water Footprint Assessment
  • Percentage of recycled plastic

Technology SMEs

  • Information Security/Information Privacy/NSP
  • Information Technologies/Business Continuity
  • Cloud Security and Privacy
  • Innovative SMEs
  • Young innovative company
  • Software and data quality
  • Digitization in SMEs
  • Certool Pack
  • Digital Kit

Here you will find a wide variety of resources, such as videos, guides, ebooks, solutions and tools that help speed up the internationalization of startups, etc., access to newsletters and announcements for events of great interest.

Get your Startup certification

Startups in Spain now have a new legal and financial protection mechanism. Thanks to the process of start-up business certification, initiated by the Empresa Nacional de Innovación (Enisa), innovative entrepreneurship will be entitled to tax incentives contained in the recent Act on the Promotion of the Startup Ecosystem.

Applications can be submitted at a single window for subsequent assessment by this body, which reports to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Among the main conditions to be met by startups in order to receive the tax incentives and lines of credit proposed, are the following:

  • Number of years active
  • Annual turnover below 10 million euros
  • 60% of the workforce in Spain

If you hold an AENOR certification, such as Young Innovative Company, Innovative SME or R&D&I Management Systems (UNE 166002), the requirement of innovative entrepreneurship, necessary to obtain this new certification for startups, will be deemed to be fulfilled.

Check here if you meet your company's innovative entrepreneurship requirements and take advantage of the benefits of this new certification. You can now start the process.

SMEs and startups: the transformation they need

What is an SME?

To be classified as an SME, an entity needs to be a company that has fewer than 250 workers and a turnover not exceeding 50 million euros, or whose annual balance sheet does not exceed 43 million euros.

How many workers can an SME have?

The term SME includes three subcategories of company types by size: microenterprise (fewer than 10 employees), small company (fewer than 50 employees) and medium-sized enterprise (fewer than 250 employees).

How can you ensure your permanence and growth in a competitive market if you are an SME or startup?

You have to be strategic rather than tactical, and set as a priority the recognition of your products and services. To this end, we propose:

  • Working on your brand by positioning it appropriately in the market, users, consumers and other stakeholders.
  • Partnering with a trusted brand, such as AENOR, an accredited company with a high level of national and international recognition.


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