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Trends Workshops

Trends Workshops

Highly specialised online training in various sectors

Discover the most specialised and current training courses to update your knowledge

Updating specific knowledge and skills is a must for all professionals

Sometimes legislation changes and/or official controls become stricter, other times the market imposes new requirements and barriers, and in any case consumers are better informed, increasingly demanding and require not only high quality products and services, but also confidence in the companies that provide them.

AENOR offers you a new highly specialised line in training, which provides new learning opportunities for those who want to improve their knowledge, understand and apply new legislative aspects and the requirements necessary to operate nationally and internationally, apply new approaches and stay at the forefront of their profession. These are courses requested by the administration that help organisations to stay up to date.

  • For the professional:

Being updated on these new technical and legislative aspects allows professionals to:

    • Have a more competitive profile given the practical nature of the courses and facilitate professional evolution.
    • Provide value to the organisation where they work and/or stand out as a trusted provider.
    • Improve productivity, as the courses reflect the new features that the professional needs to know for each category clearly and in an orderly manner.
  • For the company:

Having staff updated on the new aspects of the sector allows companies to:

    • Comply with new legislative requirements, generating confidence among consumers and Public Administrations.
    • Commercialise products and services not only in Spain, but throughout the European Union market, facilitating international expansion and attracting new consumers and customers.
    • Become a trusted provider and partner, being able to generate partnerships and alliances in Spain and the European Union.

  • Information technologies
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Healthcare Products
  • Many more areas will be available soon

Food labelling and food safety in the European Union

This course provides an overview of the mandatory standards and requirements established by EU food legislation in relation to food information on products provided to consumers applicable to all EU countries. It explains the requirements of the reference standard, Regulation 1169/2011, describing its structure and the guidelines for its implementation. For this reason, it is aimed at companies producing and/or exporting food to the EU, as well as food industry professionals with relations with the EU.

Legal requirements for information on websites for users from the EU

This course offers an orderly and reasoned view of the legal requirements and best practices with regard to the information that any business with a web presence must display on its websites if they are aimed at Spanish and EU audiences, as well as their responsibilities.

Legal information requirements for e-commerce in the EU

This course offers an orderly and reasoned view of the legal requirements and best practices with regard to the general information that businesses selling online (both on the website and app) must display in their informative and sales channels for the Spanish and EU market in general.

Commercialisation of healthcare products

This course will provide the participant with detailed information on how to import and healthcare products in Spain. The legislative framework in the European Union will be discussed, commenting on the common points in the EU market, but specifically speaking about the requirements of the Spanish market. The course will focus on the steps and certificates required to import, in accordance with current legislation. The course will help participants to start the process of importing healthcare products from non-EU countries.

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