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Courses in Energy management

Courses in Energy management

Energy is a key element of any activity, as it is needed for production, as well as auxiliary activities. Companies must establish systems and processes to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, whilst simultaneously working towards reducing emissions and their corresponding environmental impact.

Over 50% of Spanish companies consume less than 100,000 kWh annually, but many have difficulties covering the cost. Correct management of energy resources means a significant saving for companies and is also beneficial for the environment. The savings potential of companies depends largely on how they use energy.

An energy management systems manager is now an essential figure in organisations. They are tasked to manage the development of sustainable policies in order to reduce emissions of air pollutants and the impact on the environment and also to optimise production costs. 

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Gestión de la energía

Titulaciones Propias AENOR

Titulación Propia IE-0C Experto/a en Gestión Energética


Formación de auditores

M-53 Auditor/a interno/a ISO 50001

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-31 Auditorías energéticas

  Online  In Company

Gestión de la energía

M-30 Sistemas de gestión de la energía. Norma ISO 50001:2018

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-54 Eficiencia energética en edificios

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

M-55 Eficiencia energética en industria

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

M-39 Buenas prácticas en Commissioning

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

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Courses in Energy management systems

Poor energy management can affect the competitiveness of companies, as well as compromise the sustainable policies put in place to protect the environment. AENOR's energy efficiency management courses offer efficient solutions to real problems through training courses that take into account current challenges.

Our courses for energy management systems managers are designed for people who are committed to the protection of the environment and to implementing processes within companies to help plan a transition to more efficient energy systems. AENOR offers training courses for auditors and experts in energy management systems, who will be capable of adapting to the new standards in the field, optimizing the purchase of energy and improving the energy performance of organisations in all sectors.

AENOR offers various types of energy management courses. One is the AENOR certificate in Expert in Energy management systems, aimed at professionals, consultants and students who are interested in the implementation of sustainable strategies within organisations.

Other courses are designed to train auditors specialising in energy management systems and the application of the ISO 50001. AENOR also offers courses in energy management to be applied to: ECCN, PPAs, Project commissioning, management systems with ISO 50001 and adaptation to this standard, energy efficiency in industry and in buildings and methodologies for internal energy system auditing.

These are more suitable for site and maintenance managers, invoicing managers and environmental management systems technicians. In general, however, all the energy efficiency courses offered by AENOR are accessible to anyone interested in progressing their careers towards the growing environmental and energy sectors.

AENOR also offers the option of taking the courses in energy management in person, Live Training or online. The Live Training option consists of: online classes given by experts in the subject with first-hand knowledge of the evolution in the sector.