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Business continuity plan courses

Business continuity plan courses

No business is immune to unforeseen events. Even with very well-defined development strategies, there is always the possibility that an incident may disrupt plans. The figure of the business continuity manager provides stability to the system: they are responsible for ensuring that the organisation has sufficient capacity to sustain itself without affecting its operations in the event of an unexpected situation. This is a highly demanding professional profile that requires much preparation and which, precisely for this reason, is so highly-valued in the field of consultancy.

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Continuidad del negocio

Gestión de la continuidad (ISO 22301)

S-0J Auditor/a líder de continuidad del negocio ISO 22301

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

S-25 Auditor/a Interno/a ISO 22301. Continuidad del negocio

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

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Business continuity training

Business continuity management (BCM) and the implementation of business continuity plans (BCP) are two closely linked areas. Both are based on the ISO 22301 standard and also share a common objective: to cover the immediate needs of any company during the management of a crisis.

AENOR's iso 22301 business continuity plan training addresses management and audit best practices, business impact analysis and risk assessment, as well as the development of contingency plans. These are just some of the most important areas of the training as a business continuity plan manager, a figure who must always be kept up to date on regulatory and normative issues. Our business continuity courses provide a much broader and comprehensive insight into these requirements at the national and European level.

As we propose training in the iso 22301 business continuity plan, AENOR courses in this area are divided into three sections: chief auditor, internal auditor and business continuity management systems. The three are based on extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the ISO 22301 standard, with different levels of analysis and specialisation, from the implementation of management systems to training in periodic audit functions or skills in dealing with unforeseen situations.

Business continuity training is primarily aimed at consultants and operations managers, although it covers such extensive fields of business management that it may also interest information security managers or other professionals who want to gain greater understanding of the ISO 22301 standard and other standards applicable to business continuity management.

AENOR courses have a strong practical component. The intention is for students to acquire the appropriate tools for the development of an activity that requires a great capacity for analysis and action. The courses are offered in-person or by Live Training, which involves following the lesson via live streaming, interacting through the Virtual Campus.