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Aerospace sector - Certifications

Aerospace sector - Certifications

Plane taking off

Continuous improvement in the aerospace industry

Security and reliability are the main areas that the aerospace industry aims to safeguard. The products and activities related to this industry are subjected to strict quality requirements, mostly due to the extreme operating conditions and zero tolerance for mistakes. The AENOR certification recognises this effort for constant improvement.

La decidida apuesta de AENOR por el esquema aeroespacial la ha convertido en la única entidad en España acreditada por la Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) para certificar según la familia de Normas UNE-EN 9100. Inspired by the ISO 9001 de gestión de la calidad, estas certificaciones están enfocadas para los fabricantes de componentes aeronáuticos, empresas de mantenimiento y actividades de almacenamiento y distribución.​​


Specific Aerospace certification

Satellite seen from space
Aerospace certification
  • EN 9100 Quality in aviation, space and defense organisations
  • EN 9110 Quality in aviation industry maintenance organisations
  • IN 9120 Quality in aerospace matters for aviation, space and defence industry distributors

Two pilots in a cockpit
Defence certification

Generic certifications most frequently issued within the aerospace industry

    A plane's cockpit

The propellors of a jet engine

Drawing of a plane in the sky and CO2

Plane flying over a corn field
Energy management

Plane seen in the sky
Safety and Risk

Plane seen through a heart shape made between two hands
Good Governance and Compliance


Airport corridor seen from the departures lounge

​​​​​​March 2017 - No. 324

The future of airports

​​Development of airport infrastructure has lagged behind the growth of travel. Traffic in some main airports has already exceeded planned capacity, while other airports are starting to experience congestion


High-speed train

​​​​March 2014 - No. 291​

The quality route

​Organisations of any size that design, manufacture or maintain railway products can apply for IRIS certification.


World map with possible markets

​​​May 2014 - No. 293

Certifications that open markets

In a complex and global market, consumers demand that the goods and products they acquire are subject to quality guarantees and safety controls.