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Diversity and Equality in Business Certifications

Diversity and Equality in Business Certifications

Equality between women and men, together with the other factors that shape diversity, is the desired goal for all organizations, through positive action measures in all areas of human capital management. In other words: selection and hiring, professional promotion, training, working conditions, underrepresentation, joint responsibility for exercising work-life balance rights, prevention of sexual and gender harassment, remuneration system, communication and more

AENOR Equality Solutions

At AENOR we propose the following solutions to make your company more trustworthy, competitive and sustainable.

How to achieve diversity and inclusion in the company

AENOR's Gender Equality Model

In line with the current law, and integrated with other management systems, it responds to the obligations of compliance and needs in this sphere, demonstrating proactive management of social equality in your organisation towards all your interest groups and, ultimately, towards society as a whole.

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AENOR Equal Remuneration Model

Helps organisations approach the guidelines for action in the area of remuneration; offering a solid basis for maximising success of mandatory wage audits from 2019, and thus controlling risks and impacts in this area.

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Commitment to the inclusion of the elderly

It certifies your organisation's commitment to the elderly through quality services, aiming to guarantee personalised care adapted to individual needs.

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It guarantees equal access to all persons, regardless of age or disability, to any part of the built environment, transport and urban spaces and use of the services provided therein, with the maximum possible level of independence; with Accessibility being the requirement that must be fulfilled by environments, goods, products and services, as well as objects, instruments, tools and devices, so that they are understandable, useable and practicable for all people in secure and comfortable conditions, as autonomously and naturally as possible.

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Tolerance management in schools

This is a solution in the "Fostering Tolerance" Trust Platform that reinforces the catalogue of AENOR solutions that respond to the concerns of educational centres, in particular, and society, in general, to contribute to creating an educational environment that favours inclusive, equitable education, promoting equal opportunities for students, regardless of personal, social and economic factors.

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Managing Diversity and Inclusion

AENOR's model for managing diversity and inclusion counters this challenge through a methodology that can be integrated into other organizational management systems to address concerns in the area of Diversity and Inclusion, as per the recommendations in ISO 30145, from a continuous improvement approach.  

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April 2023 -​ No. 390

How to build inclusive and sustainable work environments

The new AENOR certificate of Diversity and Inclusion allows organisations to address inequalities, as well as people's conscious and unconscious biases and behaviours.


​February 2023 - No. 388

Reinforcing the value of tolerance in schools

AENOR launches its certification for Tolerance management in educational centres, which is in addition to the solutions of the Trusted Platform: "Promoting tolerance". 


​February 2022 - No. 381

A step further in improving equality in organizations

AENOR's new certification for Equality Plans is based on its own specification that covers critical requirements included in the Royal Decrees RD 901/2020 on Equality Plans and their registration, and RD 902/2020 on Equal Remuneration.


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