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Certifications for the social sustainability of organizations

Certifications for the social sustainability of organizations

Equality between women and men, together with the other factors that shape diversity, is the desired goal for all organizations, through positive action measures in all areas of human capital management. In other words: selection and hiring, professional promotion, training, working conditions, underrepresentation, joint responsibility for exercising work-life balance rights, prevention of sexual and gender harassment, remuneration system, communication and more

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Creating safe, healthy environments free from violence

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​Enero 2024 - Nº 398

Integrate equality in small organizations

El Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer en colaboración con AENOR ha desarrollado la primera Guía Metodológica para empresas andaluzas de menos de 50 personas trabajadoras en plantilla.


October 2023 - No. 395

Seven steps to becoming a tolerant school

AIDEJOVEN International Alliance for Youth Development has successfully completed its CM project Educating for Tolerance.


​February 2023 - No. 388

Reinforcing the value of tolerance in schools

AENOR launches its certification for Tolerance management in educational centres, which is in addition to the solutions of the Trusted Platform: "Promoting tolerance". 


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