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Automotive sector - Certifications

Automotive sector - Certifications

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AENOR is a leader in conformity assessment

In the construction industry, AENOR certifies organisations that build or manage construction or civil engineering works projects, and also manufacturers of construction materials and companies that install building systems.

The AENOR N Mark is a product's symbol of quality and safety. It is an officially recognised standard by the Public Administration for certain products, in accordance with the Technical Building Code (CTE), the Code on Structural Concrete (EHE-08), or the Code on receiving cement (RC-16).

The CE Marking is a passport that ensures the free flow of products in the European Economic Area. AENOR has been notified by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, before the European Commission, to act as a Notified Body in tasks of assessing the provisions of products included in the scope of application of EU Regulations. 305/2011 for construction products (RPC).

The AENOR management system certifications are benchmarks in the building and civil engineering sector, greatly contributing to quality, environmental health, sustainability, and construction innovation.


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More AENOR solutions
More AENOR solutions


Glass building

​ June 2017 - No. 327

UNE 85219, Installation of windows with guarantees

The Standard UNE 85219 defines the systems and technical conditions that manufacturers, installers, product advisors, and project managers must comply with for the proper installation of windows in openings.

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​​​ February 2016 - No. 312​

Reliable environmental communication

Environmental Product Declarations (DAP) demonstrates that a product respects the environment as it offers relevant, transparent, comparable and verified information.


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​​​​May 2016 - No. 315

Collaborative work throughout the entire cycle

​Building Information Modelling is a work methodology for the management of construction projects.


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NEW Assessment of Technical Inspection Organisations (OCTs)

NEW Assessment of Technical Inspection Organisations (OCTs)


Guide for the application of the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 in construction companies

New Guide 9001 construction  

Guide for the application of the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 in construction companies

New Guide 14001 on construction