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What is the AENOR N Mark?

New Sustainable AENOR N Mark

The Sustainable AENOR N Mark is the first and only certification in Spain that has been conceived to drive the transformation of industry sectors towards greater commitment to sustainability in environmental, social and governance matters.

Boosting sustainable construction
Two new marks to certify sustainability in construction

Before awarding this mark, AENOR analyses 20 indicators based on the AENOR N Mark, which has had a considerable weight and significant trajectory in the market for decades, and adds criteria to meet the society's new requirements.

After completing the certification process, the result is a numerical index that represents the sustainable commitment in a clear and comparable manner. This index also allows studying the performance over time, as it is renewed every year, and fosters a continuous improvement effort in the sector.

​AENOR awards the first Sustainable N Mark certifications to 14 factories from Spain's steel industry


Last 17 June, the first Sustainable AENOR N Mark certifications were presented to 14 factories in the Spanish steel industry, belonging to five business groups, confirming their commitment to an ESG approach: ArcelorMittal, Celsa, CL Grupo Industrial, Grupo Riva and Megasa Siderúrgica.

Certification process for the Sustainable AENOR N Mark


 What is the AENOR N Mark?

More and more manufacturers are opting for AENOR when it comes to certifying the quality of their products. They are the ones who voluntarily submit to a complete examination to objectively assure the entire ecosystem, from developers to builders, associations and consumers, that their products respond to the requirements of the quality, safety and durability requirements established in the standards. It is also complementary to the mandatory CE marking for products subject to European Directives or Regulations.

Because the AENOR N Mark is synonymous with differentiation, trust and reputation in the market.


The AENOR N mark for certified products:

  • It is a symbol awarded by AENOR as an independent entity and a leader in certification.
  • It is a mark that is recognised and highly regarded by all society, in the public and private sectors, and makes it easier to market more than 100,000 certified products worldwide.
  • It represents a guarantee that is particularly valuable for the end customer or user in the case of products not subject to said CE mark.
  • It supplies the market with products that exceed the basic requirements of the regulatory CE mark and the minimum quality standards. This is the case in certain sectors, such as low-voltage electrical devices in general (except for cables) and certain non-structural construction products, where the manufacturer itself declares compliance with the standards. This makes the voluntary product certification with the AENOR N mark even more meaningful, since the products are subjected to strict controls and tests before they are certified by AENOR.

To certify each product, AENOR develops a specific certification system, which establishes the requirements the product must comply with: standards and technical specifications, certification procedures (frequency of audits, inspections and tests) and specificities applicable to each product family.

Evolution and type of products

The evolution of products certified with N Mark is growing year by year. The reason for this growth is that it is a tool that generates trust between parties, as it is recognised by manufacturers of industrial products, service companies, construction companies, developers and distributors, as well as by Spanish Public Administrations and other foreign certification bodies with which agreements are maintained to facilitate joint work that benefits clients.

There are currently more than 100,000 products certified with the AENOR N Mark worldwide. This shows that a product or service complies with the requirements defined in the standards or technical specifications that apply to it. The evolution of the number of production centres manufacturing products certified with the AENOR N Mark is shown below:

The number of centres with AENOR N Mark product certificates has increased principally in the following product types: plastic products, electrical material for low-voltage installations, structural steel, electrical cables, construction plasters, structural concrete EHE-08, or cements.

AENOR's international recognition facilitates the opening of new markets. In this regard, in 2021, we will reach 53 countries with more than 1,200 certified product production centres:

The AENOR N mark in society

The AENOR N product mark is a totally differentiating factor, which is present in all households and throughout society.

It can be found on any product used in daily life and is an unequivocal guarantee that the product at issue meets specific requirements.

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