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Contribution to society

Find out more about AENOR and how it contributes to society


AENOR promotes an environment where quality, sustainability and safety prevail, supporting the development of life standards.

Contribution to society​​​​​

Ethics and responsibility at AENOR

AENOR has the appropriate Social Responsibility tools to achieve its objectives:

  • We work to ensure that AENOR professionals are given information on and share the values and principles that govern the company.
  • The Code of Ethics is issued to the entire workforce, and there is a training activity on "Code of Ethics and corporate values" under way
  • Continuous improvement in internal communication channels.
  • The commitments signed and published in AENOR's Occupational Health and Safety Policy are applied.
  • Healthy life habits are promoted through workshops like "Healthy AENOR".
  • Special care is taken when handling personal, medical, ideological and financial data, and there are regular audits on compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.​

Crime and Fraud Prevention System
Crime and Fraud Prevention System
  • The Code of Ethics, applicable to all stakeholders involved in AENOR's activities.
  • Regulations on the Crime and Fraud Prevention System.
  • Crime risk map, defining measures for reducing crime.
  • The Corporate Responsibility Commission.
  • The internal investigation system and internal claims protocol.
  • The post-offence protocol.
  • Disciplinary measures and those for preventing occupational risks.
  • The environmental management system.