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Inspection of standards in other countries

In the face of the situation caused by the COVID-19, AENOR is carrying out inspections of shipments of health and protective material (sanitary face masks, hygienic masks, PPE masks, gowns, gloves, protective eyewear, etc.) proceeding from different origins, mainly China. 

The objective of this work is to ensure that, before dispatch, shipments comply with the quantities, delivery times, status and general conditions, as well as packaging, marking, technical specifications and general product quality. AENOR inspectors can complete these verifications with visits to the manufacturers' facilities to review the production characteristics and the compliance requirements of the products.  

It is an ad-hoc service based on the individual needs of our customers, adapting it to their particular circumstances. 

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Legislation, regularisation, compliance

Market globalisation should be an opportunity for companies to open new markets rather than a barrier. At AENOR we can help you.

Find out about the standards and legislation that apply to your product in both country of origin and destination

We can help you identify, localise and analyse the standards and technical regulations required to import or export products.

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Inspection of standards in other countries


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Service coverage

AENOR performs inspections in different countries

We operate globally via both our own offices and associated local organisations. Our personnel understand the environment and can offer comprehensive services in different parts of the world in order to effectively manage your international transactions.

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