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Quality Inspection Services

AENOR offers you its worldwide Inspection Services in the fields of Quality Control, Trade and Customs.

Aimed at manufacturers, intermediaries, importers, construction companies, engineering firms. Our experience with the applicable regulations and requirements of each country helps to reduce obstacles, thus ensuring the success of business operations.  

Types of Quality Inspections

Within the Inspection Services, AENOR offers various solutions that are distributed in two blocks: inspections in International Trade and inspections under Verification of Conformity.


Inspections in International Trade

Guarantee of sustainability at any point in the supply chain.


  • Countries with Export-Import programmes
  • Supplier inspection
  • Quality inspections of goods, products and equipment
  • Industrial inspection
  • Transport container inspection-pre-shipment

Verification of compliance with applicable requirements for facilities, products or services.


  • Inspection of storage systems
  • Inspection of machinery and work equipment
  • Service quality inspection

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Service coverage

AENOR performs inspections in different countries

We operate globally via both our own offices and associated local organisations. Our personnel understand the environment and can offer comprehensive services in different parts of the world in order to effectively manage your international transactions.

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Specific sector news

August 2023 - No. 393

Adding confidence in international trade

This is an essential inspection to achieve transparency and the good functioning of international trade transactions. and AENOR includes it within its Inspection Solutions.


August 2023 - No. 393

UNE 192011-1, requirements for boiler inspections

This standard lays out the systematic actions for inspectors, in their activities for inspections, repairs and modifications (when they do not require a reevaluation of the conformity).


​February 2023 - No. 388

UNE 192009-2, for the storage and distribution of LPG containers

This standard establishes how to carry out the regulatory inspection of a gas container storage and distribution centre.