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Energy efficiency certification

Energy efficiency certification

Three light bulbs switched on between plants at floor level

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to save, improve performance and reduce emissions

Energy saving and efficiency are the best and cheapest ways to tackle issues such as energy security, external dependency, high prices and environmental concerns. Energy audits in conjunction with measuring and verifying are essential aspects of managing energy. 90% of companies have implemented and certified a management system in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 50001 recommend it. They also indicate that it generates a systematic saving of between 5% and the 30%of the current energy cost, representing a milestone in innovation and an improvement to the quality and efficiency of a product or service. AENOR certification in different fields of Energy ensures all participants of the quality of work obtained; provides recognition of the validity of this work to third parties, finds financing channels and offers assurance in cost saving measures.

AENOR helps you to benefit from energy efficiency grants provided by the government, submitting the report that proves that your company has made technological improvements to industrial equipment and processes, or certifying your ISO 50001 as a guarantee of the correct implementation of an energy management system. Learn more here.

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Energy consumers

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Boilers and radiators

​​​​​​​​October 2018 - Nº 341

How to adapt to the new ISO 50001

The new version of UNE-EN ISO 50001 is more business-focused, it covers risk-based thinking and it attaches greater importance to context analysis.


Driver behind the wheel on a road

April 2017 

10% saving with efficient transmission

Efficient transmission helps the transport industry (a major energy consumer) to reduce consumption and emissions of CO2​​.


Confidence when contracting energy services

April 2016 - Nº 314

Energy audits for large businesses

These audits should cover “at least 85% of the total final energy consumption of all the facilities located in Spain that form part of the business operations.


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AENOR a tu ritmo

AENOR presents the AENOR A TU RITMO platform.

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Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers

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