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Cybersecurity with ISO 27001

Ensuring the cybersecurity of information systems has become one of the main objectives of any organisation. Cybersecurity and the current technological risks and threats, such as viruses (malware), intrusion attacks and persistent threats (APT), computer fraud, ransomware, inadequate protection or any uncontrolled risk can result in significant losses and have a direct effect on service quality.

The design and implementation of an Information Security Management System based on ISO Standard 27001 gives confidence to clients and providers by preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. It is the most effective means for minimising information security risks. ISO 27001 ensures that IT business processes and/or services, assets and their risks are identified and evaluated, depending on their impact to the organisation, and that controls and procedures are adopted that are effective and consistent, in keeping with the business strategy.

 Soluciones en los sistemas de información ISO 27001


UNE-EN-ISO/IEC Standard 27001:2017

Information technology. Security techniques. Information Security Management Systems.

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The ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification is the most effective way to minimise risks by ensuring that the IT business processes and/or services, assets and their risks are identified and evaluated.

Moreover, ISO 27001 provides a basis for attaining other cybersecurity certifications, such as NSF – National Security Framework (Royal Decree 3/2010).

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How to get ISO 27001 certified

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If you are not yet familiar with ISO 27001, buy the book on how to implement  this standardsign up for our courses or find out about the benefits of this certification. The AENOR certification according to ISO 27001 and the National Security Strategy is the perfect binomial for managing cybersecurity. Do not miss the video  and this  article where we explain why.


ISO 27001

New ISO 27001

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