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Aportamos confianza en la sociedad

We provide confidence in our customers' relationship with their key partners through our conformity assessment and training solutions and the sale of standards.

What is our intention?

AENOR is a professional services company that identifies and helps correct gaps in the competitiveness of the economic fabric of the societies we form a part of. The added value that AENOR contributes to filling these gaps is to generate trust between the economic agents of a society based on knowledge, values, and competitiveness. These gaps span quality and industry, to the more recent issues of digitisation and ethical behaviour, right through to exports, sustainability, and innovation.

AENOR, the quality company

What are our advantages in this?

We contribute to the transformation of society, creating trust between people and organisations. We have consolidated six ways of working that set us apart:

  • We develop the conformity evaluation service, essentially through expert auditors who are long-standing, loyal in-house staff. This enables us to work efficiently and uphold a consistently high level of quality, which ultimately brings more value to our clients. 
  • We actively manage the significant know-how accumulated. Our auditors apply their know-how and expertise in the organisations they audit, whilst at the same time receiving valuable learning on implementing the benchmarks in specific companies. This knowledge is processed and disseminated in the form of general findings, boosting the joint capacity to contribute value in future audits.
  • We are close to the sources of knowledge generation, contributing them value. This, together with our readiness to serve the sectors, enables us to innovate in the definition and resolution of new competitiveness gaps. 
  • We maintain a high level of geographical and sectorial capillarity. Its purpose is to continuously improve our responsiveness to our clients, thanks to our proximity to the needs of each territory and field of activity.
  • We work to ensure consistency and quality. Having done this on a constant and committed basis since our beginnings, means that consistency and quality are the mainstays that define our brand, and bring us great visibility. AENOR is recognised by 100% of the B2B segment, according to a study carried out by a leader in the field of public opinion research. 
  • We are the brand capable of generating trust among the general public and in particular among consumers, since AENOR is the only brand with a broad knowledge of the segment, reaching 80%.

What fields do we work in?

AENOR provides the added value of trust thanks to services focused on Conformity Assessment, Training, and Sector Information, which we provide to
both public and private customers.

  • Conformity assessment: certification of management systems and products; inspections and testing.
  • Training: primarily in management systems in organizations and training for management and technical specialization.
  • Distribution of standards: standards and publications with sector information.


AENOR carries out its activities in accordance with the principles of impartiality and independence, established in the reference standards, and it is perceived as such by interested parties, which value the trust inspired by the services provided by AENOR.

All staff members are aware of the need to act in an impartial and objective way, since decisions taken by AENOR are always based on objective evidence of compliance, and are not influenced by other interests or other parties.

In addition, in compliance with its duties as an entity accredited in different fields, AENOR has a Statement and its Impartiality Policy.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

AENOR contributes to sustainable development, which is embodied in social responsibility principles and practices that respond to the needs and expectations of its stakeholder groups.

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We promote relationships based on trust, commitment and team work.

Mission and values of Excellence

We identify with ongoing improvement, undertaking our activities neutrally, rigorously, independently and honestly.


With our clients: we offer them comprehensive solutions and anticipate their needs.

Results oriented

We are committed to achieving operational and strategic objectives.

Future vision

We encourage flexibility and creativity to adapt to changes and new environments.