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What is our intention?

AENOR is a professional services company that identifies and helps correct gaps in the competitiveness of the economic fabric of the societies we form a part of. The added value that AENOR contributes to filling these gaps is to generate trust between the economic agents of a society based on knowledge, values, and competitiveness. When the economic fabric reaches a sufficient critical mass in the incorporation of these values and knowledge, it acquires levels of efficiency that allow it to compete on equal terms with other international actors.

This means AENOR is a knowledge management company that acts in the area of competitiveness gaps; both across the entire economic fabric and in individual sectors. AENOR also works with companies and organisations to help them overcome their own specific competitiveness gaps.

These gaps span quality and industry, to the more recent issues of digitisation and ethical behaviour, right through to exports, sustainability, and innovation.

What are our advantages in this?

AENOR's main distinguishing advantages are:

  • The brand's high visibility, which boosts the confidence the organisation induces among all the interested parties. Un valor que se deriva de la seriedad y el conocimiento con los que se AENOR presta sus servicios.
  • To distribute and sell standards, books and publications related to the infrastructure of quality, and to provide information services related to same.
  • The brand is valued by the final consumers. This helps companies and organisations improve the way they are perceived in certain fields. among the general public.
  • The AENOR auditing body gives each process a greater value. The result of this is that it is composed almost entirely of its own staff or professionals that work exclusively for AENOR. This enables an investment in knowledge management that, together with the seriousness of the procedures, enhances the quality of the service provided as well as the trust put in the AENOR quality seals.
  • Network of branches that facilitates and increases proximity to the needs of markets and sectors. 20 branches in Spain with auditing staff and subsidiary companies in 10 countries.
  • We are close to the source of knowledge thanks to our close, proactive relationship with four key agents generating standards in Spain: business associations and stakeholders in the various sectors that make up the Spanish GDP; competent public administrations in each case; members and consultants that participate in every area of knowledge; and active participation in technical committees for the Spanish Association for Standardisation - UNE.
  • AENOR has the capacity to follow its clients in their external expansion, through a global and local focus. Through its different activities, it is present in 90 countries.

What fields do we work in?

AENOR provides the added value of trust thanks to services focused on assessing compliance, training, and information.

  • Management Systems Certification.
  • Product Certification.
  • Inspection and Testing.
  • Persons Certification.
  • Training in the issues related to the scope of conformity assessment.
  • Distribution of standards, norms, publications, and sectorial information.


AENOR carries out its activities in accordance with the principles of impartiality and independence, established in the reference standards, and it is perceived as such by interested parties, which value the trust inspired by the services provided by AENOR.

All staff members are aware of the need to act in an impartial and objective way, since decisions taken by AENOR are always based on objective evidence of compliance, and are not influenced by other interests or other parties.

In addition, in compliance with its duties as an entity accredited in different fields, AENOR makes its Statement and its Impartiality Policy available..

Ethics and Social Responsibility

AENOR contributes to sustainable development, which is embodied in social responsibility principles and practices that respond to the needs and expectations of its stakeholder groups.

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  • Therein lies our knowledge, and people also add the energy, creativity and effort that us affords us a differential value.
  • Therefore, promoting their personal and professional development and promoting equality and conciliation involves encouraging and speeding up our organisation's progress, which is ostensibly reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We vouch for their safety and set out the mechanisms needed in processes, facilities and services.
  • Fomenting relationships based on trust allows us to work as a team and, in this way, generate synergies that exponentially improve individual contributions and create value.

Mission and values of Excellence
  • We identify with ongoing improvement, undertaking our activities neutrally, independently and honestly.
  • We constantly seek quality and excellence, exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholder groups.

  • With our clients: We are their ally; we offer them comprehensive solutions and anticipate their needs.
  • With society: we provide organisations with tools that enable them to be more competitive, safer, more sustainable and more socially responsible.
  • With the organisation: our work is our passion and we identify with our values. We are aware of the importance of the work we carry out and we feel proud of it.

Results oriented
  • We are committed to achieving our strategic objectives, thus ensuring the sustainability of the organisation.

Future vision
  • We encourage flexibility with a view to adapting to new environments, and creativity, which leads us to continuous innovation.