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Food Safety and Quality Management courses

Food Safety and Quality Management courses

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The food and agriculture sector in Spain employs 2.4 million people and represents almost 10% of the country's GDP. These figures show that the food and beverage industry and the agricultural and livestock sector are now among the fastest growing sectors of the Spanish economy. The market demands quality and safety in the food chain, and the implementation of standards and voluntary protocols in quality and food safety respond to this need, and without a doubt, inspire trust among consumers and other agents in the food chain. Good training in Food Quality and Safety provides the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to specialise in an area with such huge opportunities now and in the future. 

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Calidad y seguridad alimentaria

Titulación Propia Q-0A Auditor/a líder de sistemas de calidad y seguridad alimentaria

  Live Training   On-site  In Company


Titulación Propia MT-06 Máster en Gestión de Empresas del sector Agroalimentario

  Live Training   On-site

Titulaciones Propias AENOR

Bienestar animal

Protocolos calidad y seguridad alimentaria

Q-104 Los cambios del Protocolo BRCGS v.9

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Q-105 Los cambios del Protocolo IFS v.8

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Q-54 Protocolo de seguridad alimentaria BRCGS v.9

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Q-63 Protocolo de seguridad alimentaria IFS v.8

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Q-69 Protocolo BRCGS Packaging Materials v.6

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Q-89 El esquema de certificación FSSC 22000

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

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Training in Food Quality and Safety

AENOR's food industry courses aim to train future food quality technicians at various levels and in different areas of specialisation. The courses range from the most comprehensive training with AENOR qualifications, such as the Master's degree in Business Management for companies in the agri-food sector and Directors of quality and food safety systems, GFSI, to more specific areas such as WELFAIR certification and allergen management.

The AENOR food industry course catalogue covers areas with high career opportunities: animal welfare, auditor training, BRC, IFS, HACCP, ISO 22000, allergens, SAE export, organic production, food legislation and industry hazards and critical points, among others. These courses and qualifications are constantly updated and are an essential tool for providing a broad vision of the sector and discovering its huge potential for companies. The courses are ideal for qualifying in a sector with many career opportunities in Spain.

The courses for the food sector have a wide variety of forms and schedules, with beginners, refresher and expert courses. All the courses are given in-person and in the Live Training mode (LIVE). AENOR offers its students all the technology and means to choose the type and dates that best suit their needs.

Our courses are aimed at two profiles of students. The AENOR courses and qualifications are aimed at professionals from companies in the food sector who will take on responsibilities in the management of food quality and safety and who need training in a protocol or a process or who need to specialise in a specific area. Our Master's degree is aimed at university graduates with no experience or professionals with no previous knowledge who want to gain management skills in companies in the agri-food sector.