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N Mark for luminaires and associated equipment
N Mark for luminaries, their associated electric/electronic devices and AC motor capacitors

N Mark for luminaires and associated equipment

N Mark for luminaires and associated equipment

The N Mark for luminaires, associated electrical/electronic equipment, and capacitors for AC motors, guarantees the high-quality standard of these products, mainly for electrical safety.

The AENOR product certification provides added value to products, helping them to stand out from the rest, improving consumer selection, and facilitating their placement on multiple demanding markets outside Spain.

To certify these products, AENOR is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) with accreditation no. 1/C-PR275 (you can check the valid scope accredited on the website of ENAC).

Once the N Mark has been obtained, being a signatory of CENELEC Certification Agreement (CCA), AENOR can issue a Notification of Test Results (NTR) for the purpose of acquiring the marks of other signatory bodies, such as IMQ (Italy), VDE (Germany), LCIE (France), etc.

The N Mark is also related to CB certifications (under IEC standards).

The following products are covered: ​​

Luminaires Family UNE-EN 60598
Supply track systems for luminaires UNE-EN 60570
Ballasts, step-down converters,
starters, emergency kits, drivers, etc.
Family UNE-EN 61347​
​LED modulesUNE-EN 62031
UNE-EN 61048
Voltage transformers and stabilisers Family UNE 61558
Lamp holders UNE-EN 60238
Starters UNE-EN 60155
AC motor capacitorsFamily UNE-EN 60252

Any product bearing the N Mark guarantees that it is safe for the public. Many customers and markets all over the world already put their trust in our Mark.

Everything is easier with the AENOR certification

  • A leading quality mark that adds prestige to your products and builds trust with your customers
  • The AENOR certification facilitates access to numerous markets

Guarantees compliance with public and private requirements

  • The N Mark for these products is a mark that is recognised in numerous tenders
  • Spanish regulations and European directives

The certification process consists primarily of:

  • Testing the standards applied to each product in our laboratories

  • Inspecting the production plants once a year to check the manufacturing controls in place.

Once it passes the certification process, the organisation obtains:

  • AENOR product certificate
  • A licence to use AENOR's Mark of certified product
AENOR N Mark logo for a certified product 

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