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N Mark for lift maintenance companies
N Mark for services provided by lift maintenance companies

N Mark for lift maintenance companies

N Mark for lift maintenance companies

The N Mark for lift maintenance companies certifies those companies that meet the requirements of Royal Decree 88/2013 and others determined by AENOR

This AENOR certification guarantees the quality of lift maintenance services.

in addition to meeting regulatory requirements, certified maintenance companies are also obliged to service malfunctions and rescue people who are trapped for short times. These services distinguish companies from the competition.

The standards in the UNE-EN 81 series are common throughout the Directive on Lifts and for Royal Decree 88/2013.

Furthermore, the AENOR RP B58.01 Specific Regulation describes the requirements that maintenance companies must meet.

Everything is easier with the AENOR certification

  • A leading quality label that instils confidence in customers and users
  • Recognition in the competitive domestic market
  • The AENOR certification sets licensee companies apart from the competition

The certification process includes a documentary assessment, an audit of the lift maintenance company's facilities and a visit to facilities that have been fixed or undergone maintenance. All processes are carried out according to the appropriate standards (series EN 81 and others) and the company's certification, where applicable.

Licensee companies undergo annual auditing.

Once an organisation passes the certification process, it obtains: ​

  • AENOR certified service
  • A licence to use AENOR's Mark ​ certified service​​​​


CE Mark for lifts

Compliance with Directive 2014/33/EU

CE mark of lift safety components and installed lifts

Modifications to lifts

Certification of lift devices and maintenance equipment

It covers important modifications to installed lifts in compliance with Royal Decree 88/2013