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AENOR <HAR> Mark for cables

AENOR <HAR> Mark for cables

AENOR <HAR> Mark for cables

The certification of cables with the AENOR Mark <HAR> is carried out according to the common European agreement for certifying harmonised cables (HAR Agreement), which AENOR signed.

The AENOR <HAR> Mark for cables is a common European framework for insulated cables in accordance with European Standards and Harmonisation documents.

This certification, issued by AENOR, is recognised by the other signatory bodies; currently there are 18 signatory countries of the HAR agreement.

To certify these products, AENOR is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) with accreditation no. 1/C-PR275 (you can check the valid scope accredited on the website of ENAC).

The AENOR <HAR> Mark covers insulated cables, with the name of all harmonised cables beginning with the letter H. 

Applicable standards are: EN 50525 (series), EN 50143, EN 50214, EN 60702, EN 61138 and EN 50618.

AENOR's <HAR> Mark is a product guarantee demonstrating to society that the product is safe. Many clients and the European market already trust this Mark.

Everything is easier with the AENOR <HAR> certification:

  • A leading quality mark that adds prestige to your products and builds trust with your customers

  • AENOR's <HAR> certification provides access to numerous European markets 

The certification process is as follows

An initial Inspection of production centres to ensure that they have the means and adequate controls for manufacture

  • Initial testing of the ​​​products in accordance with applicable standards in accredited laboratories.

  • All products with AENOR's <HAR> certification undergo sample taking and quarterly follow-up testing

  • Production centres are inspected at least once a year.

Once it passes the certification process, the organisation obtains:

  • AENOR <HAR> product certificate

  • A licence to use the AENOR <HAR> product mark

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