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Important modifications to lifting and handling devices
Glass lifts

Important modifications to lifting and handling devices

Important modifications to lifting and handling devices

This certification covers important modifications performed on already-installed lifts in accordance with Royal Decree 88/2013​

The Regulation on Lifting and Handling Devices is applicable to all equipment that lifts people in fixed installations or buildings. AENOR's certifications allow for registry in Public Administrations.

The Royal Decree 88/2013 sets out requirements in the Complementary Technical Instruction 1 (ITC-1) "Lifts" concerning industrial registry of installations in Regional Governments, as well as other requirements like periodic reviews, regulatory inspections, etc.

It is applicable to lift and vertical lifting equipment maintenance companies, as these are responsible for compliance with the requirements. Additionally, updating or altering certain elements of an installation may require intervention from a Control Body.

AENOR is a Control Body accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for this certification. AENOR enables companies to obtain the installation refurbishment certification, under the conditions set out in Annexes III and IV of the ITC-1. ​AENOR's certifications facilitate the Declaration of Conformity and Registry in Regional Governments ​without further steps, provided that certificates are up to date.

The certification shemes are outlined in Royal Decree 88/2013. With regard to AENOR's activity,it focuses on assessing the quality management systems in accordance with Annexes III and IV.

The respective documentary assessment and audits are easily integrated with the audits from the Lift Directive or the ISO 9001 and are certified by AENOR and other organisations.

Once the organisation passes the certification process, it obtains: ​

  • AENOR's Certificate of Conformity with AENOR's special Regulations, which includes the requirements from Royal Decree 88/2013​ ​approving the Complementary Technical Instruction AEM 1 "Lifts" from the Regulation on lifting and handling devices, approved by Royal Decree 2291/1985​

CE Mark for lifts

Compliance with Directive 2014/33/EU

CE mark of lift safety components and installed lifts

Lift maintenance companies

N quality mark

The Mark certifies the quality of services provided by fixed or auxiliary lift maintenance companies