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N Mark for switchgear and small electrical material
N Mark for switchgear and small electric materials for low-voltage installations

N Mark for switchgear and small electrical material

N Mark for switchgear and small electrical material

​AENOR's N mark for switchgear and small electrical equipment certifies compliance with electrical safety standards

AENOR product certification adds value to products, which differentiates them from the rest and makes them more likely to be chosen by consumers. It also enables products to be introduced to multiple markets outside Spain that have demanding requirements.

To certify these products, AENOR is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) with accreditation no. 1/C-PR275 (you can check the valid scope accredited on the website of ENAC).

Once the N Mark has been obtained, being a signatory of CENELEC Certification Agreement (CCA), AENOR can issue a Notification of Test Results (NTR) for the purpose of acquiring the marks of other signatory bodies, such as IMQ (Italy), VDE (Germany), LCIE (France), etc.

Electrical outlet base UNE 20315​
Plugs UNE 20135
Switches for instalations​ UNE IN 60669​
Automatic switches for
alternating current operation
UNE-EN 60898
Differential Switches
UNE IN 61008
UNE IN 61009​
Connection devices (power strips) ​ ​UNE IN 60998
Automatic electrical
control devices for domestic use
UNE EN 60730
Cable management systems UNE IN 61386
Cable tray systemsUNE-EN 61537

Any product bearing the N Mark guarantees that it is safe for the public. Muchos clientes y mercados de todo el mundo ya confían en nuestra Marca​​

Everything is easier with the AENOR certification

  • A leading quality mark that adds prestige to your products and builds trust with your customers
  • The AENOR certification facilitates access to numerous markets

Guarantees compliance with public and private requirements

  • The N Mark for these products is a mark that is recognised in numerous tenders
  • Spanish regulations and European directives

Basically, the certification process is as follows:

  • An initial Inspection of production centres to ensure that they have the means and adequate controls for manufacture

  • Initial product testing in accredited laboratories according to applicable standards.

  • All products bearing the AENOR Mark are monitored on an annual basis. Centres where these products are manufactured are inspected at least once a year.

Once it passes the certification process, the organisation obtains:

  • AENOR product certificate
  • A licence to use AENOR's Mark of certified product
AENOR N Mark logo for a certified product  

CB Scheme

International recognition of testing

Simplifies the acquisition of conformity marks ​from international certification entities

Notification of test results

Test recognition

Enables organisations to obtain conformity marks from European certification bodies

European Passport

​​The CE MARK is a passport for building products

The CE mark provides access to the European Economic Area for construction products