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Quality of State Ports
Quality of State Ports

Quality of State Ports

Quality of State Ports

Quality of service and better competition in port terminals

The current set-up of transport systems has turned ports into crucial logistic platforms for transportation chains.

In this framework, the State Ports Authority has developed Service References that establish a range of quality characteristics for the services provided by concessionaires or service providers in maritime terminals or stations, and by shipping companies that generally operate in Spanish ports.

These reference guides establish a level of service that the client can expect and the aspects that must be verified for the purpose of being able to ensure the fuflilment of the quality characteristics.

The characteristics are established in such a way that they are compatible with the management systems of the concessionaires.

The benefits of the certification are:

  • Discounted rate for exclusive occupation of public port areas, as set forth in Law 48/2003, of 27 November on the Economic System and of Provision of Services in Ports of General Interest.
  • Auditable and compatible with other management systems.

Ongoing improvement of the quality of service offered to the customer.

The certification of these Reference Guides is compatible with the standards UNE-EN-ISO9001, UNE-EN-ISO14001 and OSHAS 18001.​​​

Once the certification process has been completed, AENOR will issue a certificate of conformity for the quality of state port services.

​AENOR is authorised by the Ente Público Puertos del Estado [State Public Ports Entity] and accredited by ENAC to certify the service quality both as regards quality benchmarks and for Puertos del Estado-ANFAC.

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