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SQAS Certificación
Logistical service providers in the chemical industry (SQAS)

SQAS Certificación

SQAS Certificación

Safety and Quality Assessment System for chemical industry logistics services providers.

The SQAS scheme (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems) is based on verifying compliance with quality, safety and environmental protection requirements defined by the chemical industry for its logistical service providers.

The European chemical industry uses a wide range of logistic services provided by third parties to store, handle and transport raw materials, intermediate products and finished chemical products. Chemical companies need assurance that operations will be performed safely, within quality parameters and in a way that protects the environment and the safety and health of both employees and citizens.

The SQAS scheme is owned by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). You can see which organisations have been assessed by visiting the website:

Benefits of SQAS Assessment:

  • Demonstrates the organisation's commitment to interested parties through use of a common assessment tool.
  • Easier for the chemical industry to make decisions regarding the engagement of logistics services.
  • An objective assessment is performed by an independent third party that has extensive experience of both the sector and prevailing regulations, such as AENOR.
  • The cost incurred by each chemical company to perform multiple assessments of logistics services providers is reduced.
  • Information on both parties is available, which highlights the findings of the assessment as regards a logistics operator's strong and weak points, and which chemical companies can improve at a later date.

The SQAS assessment is a perfectly compatible tool with common requirements of quality management systems, according to ISO 9001, on Environmental Management, according to ISO 14001 and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001.​

No certificate will be issued following SQAS assessment, as the process does not involve compliance with minimum requirements. However, a detailed factual report must be submitted, which will be graded.

An SQAS assessment is valid for three years.

​AENOR has extensive proven experience of both SQAS assessment (using CEFIC approved auditors) and certification of chemical industry management systems.

Go to the CEFIC website to download current documents: