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Tourism quality (Q​)
Tourist Quality

Tourism quality (Q​)

Tourism quality (Q​)

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Striving for quality tourism

​​​​​Any tourism company can apply for the Q Mark for Spanish Tourism Quality, a quality mark granted by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE).

AENOR performs audits to ensure compliance with the requirements established in the reference standards, with the aim of guaranteeing high-quality, safe, and professional services.
Benefits for the organisation:

  • Attract more clients and obtain their loyalty.
  • Optimise resources and reduce costs.
  • Promote the establishment.
  • Demonstrate the organisation's commitment to the client, offering a quality service.
Benefits for your clients:
  • Guarantee the quality of the products and services offered by the organisation.
  • It demonstrates the commitment of the certified establishment by providing full customer satisfaction, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations, and providing an excellent service.
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This certification is a useful tool aimed at any tourism company that wants to offer its customers a high-quality service that meets their expectations, in the following sectors:

AENOR is happy to provide guidance for other sectors.

Thanks to its organisation and structure, the Q Tourist Quality certification is compatible with and can be integrated into other management systems, (such as UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 AND OSHAS 18001), with the EFQM Excellence Modeland with the rest of the services certified by AENOR.


Once the auditing process has been successfully completed, your organisation obtains:

  • The Q Certificate of Tourism Quality.
  • The licence to use the Q mark of tourism quality.


Tourism Quality Mark

​AENOR carries out audits in all these sectors to grant the Q Mark for Tourism Quality. In addition, AENOR is a full member of all the industry certification committees in which the Q Mark for Tourism Quality is granted.