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Verification of GRI Sustainability Reports
Verification of the Sustainability Report

Verification of GRI Sustainability Reports

Verification of GRI Sustainability Reports

Communicating to gain society's trust

Transparency and Accountability are two of the fundamental principles of Social Responsibility set out in the international standard ISO26000.

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is the international benchmark for preparing sustainability reports, documents where organizations report on the economic, environmental and social aspects of their activities, products and services. ​

The independent verification carried out by AENOR states that a sustainability report is in accordance with the principles and guidelines specified by GRI and that the information is truthful. Verification also improves the quality, usability and credibility of information and management processes. The independent verification carried out by AENOR declares the compliance of a sustainability report with the principles and guidelines specified in the GRI Standards and the reliability of the information contained within it, making this communication tool of an organization's commitment to Sustainable Development, the most effective means for providing stakeholders in the organization with useful, reliable, comparable and tangible information on the organization's management of significant environmental, social and economic impacts.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Market positioning : Communicating to gain the trust of investors, clients, suppliers, public institutions and society.
  • Delivers confidence in an organization's sustainability: The AENOR Mark generates trust.
  • Uses a common reference language known to everyone: Credibility from honest communication and transparency.
  • Communication tool for managing social responsibility: Effectiveness in managing relationships with stakeholders and leveraging improvement of internal efficiency.
  • Improves an organization's competitive position: Sustainability reports are an effective tool for managing the Brand Image and the Reputation of the organisation.

Once AENOR's verification process has been completed, the organisation will obtain the AENOR Declaration of Sustainability Reporting Verification in accordance with GRI, which will be incorporated into the Report.

AENOR has been verifying sustainability reports in accordance with GRI for over 15 years. More than 200 organisations have chosen AENOR as a MARK OF TRUST.

Its is also a member of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) community, an international agreement whose function is to promote the preparation of Sustainability Reports for their voluntary use by organisations that wish to give information on their activities, products and services in relation to economic, environmental and social matters. This means it participates in the development and maintenance of the GRI standards.