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Risk Management UNE-ISO 31000
Risk Management Certification – UNE-ISO 31000

Risk Management UNE-ISO 31000

Risk Management UNE-ISO 31000

Strategic and Global Risk Management Turning risk into an opportunity

The context surrounding organisations is increasingly complex and the demands of the stakeholder groups are increasingly greater: quality of products and services, environmental protection, operational, financial and regulatory risks, cost management, social responsibility, good governance, crime prevention, health and safety of employees, among others.

The Standard UNE-ISO 31000 sets out guidelines for managing risk faced by organisations and provides a common approach to managing any type of risk, regardless of an organisation's sector or size and including decision-making at all levels of the organisation.

AENOR Risk management certification according to UNE-ISO 31000 it recognises organisations that have implemented a risk management model that follows all the guidelines and recommendations established in the standard. It focuses mainly on corporate risk and facilitates progress in the management of other more specific types of risk such as operational, legal, financial and strategic risk. 

Appropriate Risk Management enables organisations:

  • Improvement and reduction of reputation risks or those of an operational or strategic nature, etc. for the organisation.
  • It contributes confidence to the market and it provides security to the governing bodies of an organisation.
  • It reduces uncertainty and optimises results and resources.
  • It helps them to be ready to provide a response to crisis situations, reduce their consequences and restore normality to the main activities in the shortest possible time, so that the continuity of the organisation is not compromised.
  • Organisations that are more aware of reality achieve an improvement when making decisions by systematising them and carrying them out according to the best available information.

Risk Management according to UNE-ISO 31000, is applicable to any organisation regardless of its size, activity, type of risk and location.

AENOR certification according to UNE-ISO 31000 is perfectly compatible and integrable with other management systems as the concept of risk is common across high level structures in all recognised management systems such as
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ​ ISO45001 or any other system based on the PDCA cycle and continuous improvement.

Once it passes the certification process, the organisation obtains:

  • Risk Management Certificate according to UNE-ISO 31000.
  • License to use the AENOR brand of Emergency Management.
AENOR Mark of Risk management EA 31

Risk Management
ISO 31000

AENOR launches Risk Management certification with AENOR specification EA31 in 2013. As of 2019, around 10 organisations have this certification, which is undergoing a process of transition to the new certification UNE-ISO 31000:2018.

Aguas de Calpe was the first organisation to obtain the risk management certification according to the standard UNE-ISO 31000:2018