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Certification for socially responsible financial products
Socially Responsible Financial Products

Certification for socially responsible financial products

Certification for socially responsible financial products

Financial tools whose management include socially responsibility criteria in addition to financial criteria

The certification in accordance with Standard UNE 165001 Social responsibility, socially responsible financial products, Requirements of investment products, seeks to improve understanding and confidence in this type of products through transparency and independence, incorporating ESG criteria in the definition and management of these types of financial products.

It is applicable to the following types of products: investment funds, personal and employment pension funds, life-savings insurance and venture capital firms and funds.

To be considered socially responsible according to the standard UNE 165001, products must meet general requirements and other specific requirements that, depending on the type of product, present certain nuances or complements. General requirements are:

  • Product name and idea of Socially Responsible Investment, SRI.
  • Committee SRI (with a majority of independent members).
  • Filter SRI.
  • Fulfillment of criteria SRI.
  • Exercise of constitutional laws.
  • Transparency in management, and in dealings with clients and society.


  • Transmit trust, transparency and clarity to clients.
  • Differentiation from the competition.
  • Independence through the Committee SRI.
  • Product control.
  • Implementation of a standard designed for all parties concerned with SRI.

This certification scheme is applicable to products from collective investment entities, particularly banking and insurance.​​

Once the audit process has been completed and compliance with the applicable requirements outlined in the standard UNE has been verified 165001, AENOR will grant the Socially Responsible Financial Product Certification and the licence for use of the AENOR Certified Product mark.​​

AENOR N Mark Certificated SR Financial Product

AENOR N Mark Certified Product
SR Financial Product