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Good distribution practices for medications and active ingredients
Good distribution practices for medications and active ingredients

Good distribution practices for medications and active ingredients

Quality in distributing medication and active principles

The process for distributing medication constitutes a complex chain involving many people and processes. The implementation of good distribution practices are highly important and valuable, as they allow for a significant reduction of potential risks associated with the distribution of medication.

Good practices are divided into ten key activities, which constitute a management system for both administrative, human and technical aspects. Certification for the good distribution of medication and active principles, as well as ensuring that distribution services are compliant with legislation in force, certifies other key aspects, such as training the people involved, a specific documentation system, validations, risk analysis, safety, traceability, etc.  

The certification process establishes three-year cycles with annual follow-ups to guarantee that the organisation keeps its quality system in place in accordance with good practices for distributing medication and active principles.

Benefits obtained:

  • Improves the levels of management, planning, organisation and control.
  • It ensures the maximum quality of medication and active principles supplied
  • Access to new markets through the certification of good distribution practices

The certification of good distribution practices for medication and active principles can be integrated with the management system ISO 9001.

Once the audit process is over, the organisation obtains:

  • A report with all the findings of the audit process.
  • The AENOR Certificate of Conformity with good distribution practices
  • The right to use the AENOR mark for good distribution practices
AENOR for good distribution practices

Good distribution practices