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Commitment to the elderly certification

Commitment to the elderly certification

Commitment to the elderly certification

The "Commitment to Seniors" certification is a new solution based on the actions that each organisation carries out to improve the experiences of its senior customers and which promotes the importance of providing quality and inclusive services where "no one is left behind", the motto of Agenda 2030.

This is a solution framed in the Trusted "Designing inclusive solutions" Platform, based on the actions that each organisation puts into place to improve the experience of use and access to its services for the elderly. It does so by assessing commitments made in different areas, always within the framework of internal management, allowing for adequate monitoring of each one of them.

To this end, the AENOR Model of an organisation committed to the elderly should be used as a comparative framework, alongside sectoral and institutional reference guides/protocols that may exist in this space, including the relevant legislative framework. 

The AENOR Model offers a comprehensive approach for organisations to manage measures implemented to improve care and support for the elderly in services such as banking, finance and insurance. Assessment will be carried out for all channels of contact with the elderly.

The organisation's commitments to age-inclusive care should be quantitative and subject to regular monitoring.    

The AENOR Model of an organisation committed to the elderly enables organisations of any size and sector, within their sphere of influence, to provide care/services appropriate to the needs of older people and to engage with society in a responsible way, especially for the inclusion of the elderly.

The benefits of the certification are:

The "Commitment to Seniors" solution has been designed as a dynamic model to be applied in all types of organisations providing services to the elderly in order to:

  • Assist them in the process of serving older customers with actions and products that may be complex for them to understand and implement.
  • Reinforce the messages and actions carried out by organisations to give back, contribute and strengthen the confidence of elderly users in their services and other stakeholders.
  • Give confidence to their elderly customers.
  • Add value to quality care processes and overall customer experience.
  • Respond to the needs of sensitive sectors such as banking and the online world in order to demonstrate to society their commitment to quality care for their elderly customers.
  • Contribute to Agenda 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goals
    • SDG 8: to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all
    • SDG 10: to reduce inequalities in and between countries

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  • ISO 25550:2022. Ageing societies — General requirements and guidelines for an age-inclusive workforce.
  • ISO 25551:2021. Ageing societies — General requirements and guidelines for carer-inclusive organisations.

​ISO 9001, Registered Service ChartersAT Social Sustainability Solutions.

  • AENOR Certificate for the Organisation Model Committed to the Elderly.
  • Licence to use the Organisation Committed to the Elderly Trademark.

AENOR drives the "Commitment to the elderly" certification

AENOR recognises commitment to the elderly.

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"Commitment to the elderly", the new specific AENOR certification to respond to senior citizens' needs.

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