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Animal Welfare Certification for livestock farms and slaughterhouses

Animal Welfare Certification for livestock farms and slaughterhouses

Animal Welfare Certification for livestock farms and slaughterhouses

Welfair Animal Welfare certificate

The Bienestar Animal Welfair® standard, developed by IRTA (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology) and certified by AENOR, based on the Welfare Quality and Awin® protocols, specifies the requirements to be met by livestock farms and slaughterhouses in terms of Animal Welfare.

What aspects does Animal Welfare take into consideration?

Unlike other animal welfare schemes, the audits are based on the direct observation of the animal itself, with the assessment of 4 principles: good feeding, good housing, good health and appropriate behaviour. Within these four principles, 12 measurable animal welfare criteria have been identified that complement each other. Each animal species is assessed in accordance with the Welfare Quality and AWIN® protocols by auditors specialised in each animal, and that have been authorised and certified by the Welfair® scheme.

How to obtain the certificate in Animal Welfare?

After a detailed assessment a rating is provided, which will indicate the overall level of the farm and/or establishment under audit. To obtain the certification, the minimum grade established for each case must be met. This certification guarantees the requirements established in Welfare Quality® and AWIN®, guaranteeing an exhaustive audit across all production stages, and maximum information and transparency for the consumer. Continuous improvement, auto-control and traceability are aspects that are also covered by the certification in a comprehensive manner.

What is the Welfair® scheme?

The Welfair® scheme based on Welfare Quality and AWIN®, entails a complete evaluation of animal welfare through the Welfare Quality and AWIN® protocols, as well as strict compliance with European animal welfare legislation in force at any given time, or another equivalent or higher, in cases where local areas require stricter legislation, in addition to all the requirements specified in its General Regulations.

In the case of countries outside the EU with animal welfare legislation with requirements different to those in Europe, or without legislation, a series of minimum mandatory animal welfare requirements has been established, with a distinction being added to the label, Welfair® LATAM, as a sign of identity and differentiation from the original certification mark.

What other certifications are available in Animal Welfare?

AENOR also certifies other solutions that guarantee animal welfare as a whole and the defence of the interests of the sector in all its stages, such as:

  • AENOR's certificate of conformity based on the references described
  • Certificate and licence to use the AENOR Animal Welfair® mark.

AENOR has certified leading companies in various sectors in the area of animal welfare. AENOR, the benchmark certification company in Spain, has awarded certification in Animal Welfare to over 70% of farms and slaughterhouses and industries of other types in Spain and Portugal, in accordance with the Welfare Quality and AWIN® protocols, as well as in other areas of application.

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