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Animal welfare in livestock and slaughterhouse operations
Animal welfare in livestock farms and slaughterhouses

Animal welfare in livestock and slaughterhouse operations

Animal welfare in livestock and slaughterhouse operations

Animal welfare, a fundamental aspect of the food chain

The AENOR certification scheme for Animal Welfare, WELFAIR,™ is a certification that specifies the Animal Welfare and Awin® requirements that livestock farms and slaughterhouses must satisfy, as the case may be, on Animal Welfare matters. Unlike other animal welfare schemes, the audits are based on the direct observation of the animal itself, by assessing 4 principles: Good Feeding, Good Housing, Good Health and Appropriate Behaviour. Within these four principles, 12 different animal welfare criteria have been identified that complement each other.

Each animal species is assessed in accordance with its specific Welfare Quality® and AWIN® Protocol, and by authorised and qualified auditors certified by the Welfare Quality and AWIN® platform in this field. After a detailed assessment a score is provided, which will indicate the overall level of the establishment in question. If the minimum level is exceeded for each case, the establishment will be certified. This certification guarantees the requirements established in Welfare Quality® and AWIN®, guaranteeing an exhaustive audit across all phases of production, and maximum information and transparency to the consumer.

Private schemes certified by AENOR that are compatible with the AENOR WELFAIR™ based on the Welfare Quality and Awin ® references, after study by our technical services.

Their organisation will obtain a certificate and licence to use the AENOR Animal Welfare compliance mark™

For all AENOR customers, we offer the possibility of using the AENOR mark indication endorsed together with the WELFAIR mark,™giving added value due to the high visibility of the AENOR brand among consumers.

AENOR Conform mark of Animal Welfare

AENOR has certified leading companies in various sectors with respect to animal welfare. AENOR, the reference certification company in Spain, has already certified more than 5,000 farms and slaughterhouses and industries of different species in our country in accordance with the Welfare Quality and AWIN® protocols.