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Healthy Organisation Certification

Healthy Organisation Certification

Healthy Organisation Certification

Keys to the new AENOR SIGOS scheme

The Luxembourg Declaration and the publication by the World Health Organization of the document "Healthy workplace environments: Foundations and WHO model "in 2010 were the precedents for a path to excellence in health, safety and well-being at work through the continuous improvement in the management of the four avenues of influence for a healthy working environment established by the WHO; physical and psychosocial work environment, health resources, and company involvement in the community, among others.

In this context, AENOR published the first Healthy Workplace Management System in 2012 and more than 1,000 centres in Spain and various countries have opted for this certification.

However, the new HEALTHY ORGANISATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM of AENOR (SIGOS) has recently been published. It is a tool that replaces the previous HEALTHY COMPANY Model (SIGES) and one that will help companies to order and value all those Initiatives they are carrying out in relation to occupational safety, the promotion of health, sustainability and the responsible commitment to the community where they are located, demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement.

For all these reasons, AENOR has carried out a process of transforming the Healthy Workplace Model to adapt it to this cultural trend. In this new model, organisations will find a more user-friendly tool for their application and integration, and one that is highly effective in managing safe, healthy, sustainable and committed companies, regardless of their size, sector and geographical location.

Characteristics of the scheme

The culture of a safe, healthy and sustainable organisation must evolve towards:

  • The achievement of healthier, motivated and more satisfied workers, their families, customers, users, people and other interested parties who feel proud to belong to this organisation or have a relationship with it.
  • An improvement in all environments under the organisation's ability to influence, making it attractive to other professionals and retaining talent.
  • An increase in customers, users and other interested parties in the use of responsible products or services offered by the organisation.
  • An improvement in the corporate image by projecting a safe, healthy and responsible organisation in which workers, customers, suppliers and other interested parties can participate until they become a reference point in their sector and within society.

This certification scheme is applicable to any type of organisation, regardless of the sector in which it operates.

A​ENOR offers the possibility of carrying out Healthy Organisation Certification in conjunction with the Statutory Audit Occupational Risk Prevention Audit and with the certification ISO 45001 in a single, comprehensive process, which involves an optimisation of audit times and, therefore, of the costs involved. Similarly, and since the requirements are developed following the high-level structure of ISO, it can be integrated into quality management systems ISO 9001 and environmental management systems, such as ISO 14001.

Once the audit has been passed, the organisation will obtain:

  • The Healthy organisation management system certification in accordance with the Healthy organisation management system.
  • The AENOR Healthy Organisation Mark user licence.
AENOR Healthy Workplace Conform Mark

AENOR Healthy Organisation Conform Mark​ 

AENOR begins Healthy Workplace certification in 2013. Over this time, more than 60 organisations have been certified, totalling more than 1000 work centres around the world. They are included among the certified organisations of large companies, but also SMEs and micro SMEs, from all sectors of activity and from the public and private sector.  

AENOR has experience in healthy organisation certification at an international level.

Specific Regulations of the AENOR Mark for the Certification of Healthy Management Systems for Organisations request it here.

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