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Researcher Certification
Certification of the research staff with exclusive dedication to R&D&I

Researcher Certification

Researcher Certification

Facilitating access to discounts on the employer's contribution for common contingencies of social security for researchers

This certification facilitates access to a 40% discount on the employer's share for common contingencies of Social Security for staff that are exclusively dedicated to R&D&i activities.

Advantages of applying this incentive:

  • Immediate reduction of the costs of research staff exclusively engaged in R&D&I activities.
  • This is applicable for all organisations that pay Corporation Tax, even if the reduced rate is applied.
  • Applicable to employees who pay category 1, 2, 3 or 4 contributions (engineers and graduates, technical engineers, experts and certified assistants, workshop managers and uncertified assistants).
  • Compatible with tax deductions for R&D&I, for SMEs recognised with the Innovative SME and Young Innovative Company logo. The discount will be compatible with the tax deduction for the rest of the companies and entities, provided that it is not applied to the same researcher.
  • Compatible with the discounts from the Employment Development Programme.

Applicable to all organisations that carry out R&D&I activities, regardless of their size and activity.

The discount on social security contributions is totally compatible with tax deductions for research and development and technological innovation activities for small and medium-sized enterprises recognised with the status of R&D&I-intensive by means of the official «Innovative SME» logo (see EA 0047 for Innovative SMEs certification).

AENOR has been accredited to certify researchers who are exclusively classed as research staff since 2007. Since this date, AENOR has certified more than 10,000 researchers.