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Technology Transfer Certification
Technology Transfer Certification

Technology Transfer Certification

Technology Transfer Certification

Maximising the value of technology transfer

The benefits of Technology Transfer certification are, among others, that of materialising the results of the R&D&I activities being transferred , revealing the know-how to be transferred , determining the economic value of carrying out the Technology Transfer and benefitting from the economic incentive Patent Box.

Maximising the results of research, development and innovation activities.

Standard UNE166008 is an essential tool to implement Technology transfer in a structured way in any organisation, regardless of its size or sector of activity

The standard is especially useful for:

  • Companies that carry out R&D activities and which want to transfer their results safely.
  • Spanish business groups that are transferring technology to their subsidiaries in other countries.
  • Foreign company subsidiaries that carry out R&D activities in Spain.
  • Business that have generated know-how in production processes that are likely to be transfered.

Once the technology transfer certification process has been successfully completed, AENOR will grant the corresponding Technology Transfer certificate for each project, in accordance with the Standard UNE 166008.​​