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UNE 166002 RD&I Management Systems Certification

UNE 166002 RD&I Management Systems Certification

UNE 166002 RD&I Management Systems Certification

Optimising the process of research, development and technological innovation based on known management system structures

R&D&i Management Systems allow companies and organisations, regardless of their size or economic sector, to systematically improve their R&D&i, without being restricted by set rules that limit the imagination or emotional intelligence of the researchers, and instead providing useful guidelines to efficiently organise and manage these types of activities.

The Standard UNE 166002 contains requirements and practical guidelines to draft and develop R&D&I policies, to establish objectives in accordance with the specific activities, products and services of each organisation, and to identify new and currently unexploited emerging technologies in the sector, whose subsequent assimilation and transfer will provide the basis to generate projects, to promote products, processes and services, and to improve competitiveness.

The R&D&I Management System Certification allows companies to do the following:

  • Systematise their R&D&I activities and integrate them in the general management of the company.
  • Plan, organise and control the R&D&I units, as well as the portfolio of products generated.
  • Establish the interaction of R&D&I with other departments or divisions.
  • Demonstrate the transparency of R&D&I activities.
  • Provide the added value of trust in the company's R&D&I activities, improving its corporate image and its competitiveness.
  • Compatibility with other management systems.​

The Standard UNE 166002 is aimed at all organisations that carry out R&D&I activities, regardless of their size or activity. This Standard can also be used as a purchasing specification when contracting third parties.

This standard is aligned with other management system standards such as UNE-EN-ISO 9001, with the aim of improving compatibility with these standards for the benefit of the user community.

Once the auditing process has been passed, if the integrated system meets the requirements of the UNE standard 166002, the organisation obtains:

  • The AENOR Certificate of R&D&I management.
  • The license for use of the AENOR Mark of R&D&I management.
AENOR Mark of R&D&i Management UNE 166002

AENOR Mark for R&D&I management UNE 166002

AENOR's R&D&I management system certificate was the first certification scheme to be accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) in 2008. AENOR has granted more than 600 R&D&I Management System certificates to renowned public and private organisations.

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