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EN 9120​ Quality control of aerospace equipment supplied by aviation, space and defence distributors
EN 9120​ Quality control of aerospace equipment supplied by aviation, space and defence distributors

EN 9120​ Quality control of aerospace equipment supplied by aviation, space and defence distributors

Improvements to the quality, reliability and safety of aviation and aerospace systems and products

Also based on the ISO 9001, this standard specifies the additional requirements of a quality management system applicable to organisations of distributors and storage providers in the aerospace industry. This standard is to be used by organisations that supply parts, equipment and kits, that sell these products to customers within the aerospace industry or that supply products to organisations that reprocess or repair products.

The set of Standards EN 9100, 9110 And 9120 provide a specific approach for companies in the aerospace sector, adding additional requirements to ISO 9001, whose aim is to increase quality, reliability and safety in aerospace products.

Based on the model defined in the Standard EN 9100, the IAQG and other national associations, such as ASD and ATECMA, established a certification mechanism with worldwide recognition that has been designated the ICOP, Industry Controlled Other Party, scheme.

Benefits for your company: ​

  • Increased competitive advantage with certification under the globally-recognised ICOP framework.
  • Reduction in the number of audits.

Benefits for your clients:

  • Enhanced prestige and image of the organisation.
  • Global recognition as a result of inclusion in a database as a supplier of aerospace products/services.

Due to its structure, standard EN 9120 is based on the standard ISO 9001 and a joint audit of both standards is necessary. Given that EN 9120 It is based on ISO 9001 and can be easily incorporated into any process management system.

Once the audit has been completed, if the system implemented fulfills the requirements of Standard EN 9120, the organisation obtains:

  • The EN Certificate 9120.
  • The AENOR Certificate of Quality Management Systems.
  • A licence to use the AENOR Mark of Aerospace Quality
  • The IQNet Certificate, passport for international access of its certification. With it, its AENOR certificate will be recognised by leading certification entities all over the world.
  • A licence to use the IQNet mark.
  • Inclusion of the certified company in the international database OASIS, which will boost its recognition to a global level.

Furthermore, organisations with management systems certified by AENOR have free access to the AENORnet and a subscription to the AENOR monthly magazine.

AENOR mark of Aerospace Quality UNE-EN 9110 

AENOR Quality Mark


EN 9110


IQNet Mark



AENOR is a pioneer and clear leader in aerospace certification in Spain. Aerospace quality management systems were first certified in 2002, when the first quality management certificate was awarded, according to the EN 9100 standard, to the EADS CASA organization.

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