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PECAL/AQAP Regulations

PECAL/AQAP Regulations

PECAL/AQAP Regulations

NATO requirements for quality assurance

Implementing quality management systems in accordance with AQAP/PECAL standards in various organisations ensures that contracting bodies can trust suppliers' capacities to meet contract requirements.

La normativa de calidad en Defensa está constituida por la serie de normas AQAP, serie 2000. NATO's criteria is the maximum use possible of international standards; therefore, AQAP standards are based on ISO 9000 standards, with a series of additional NATO requirements. Spain's PECAL standard is the transposition of AQAP standards.

PECAL series 2000 standards are the following:

  • PECAL 2110 'NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production'.
  • PECAL 2210 'NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Software, in addition to PECAL 2110'.
  • PECAL 2310. NATO requirements for the quality management systems of aviation, space and defence suppliers.

The objectives that come with this certification are:

  • Before awarding a contract, ensure that Spanish companies have the capacity to comply with the quality requirements established.
  • Inform NATO countries and agencies of the quality system of the companies.
  • Provide access to Spanish companies to enter into foreign tenders.

PECAL certifications are perfectly integrated with ISO 9001.

Since 2004, the auditing system that supports the 'PECAL certification scheme, series 2000' has been gradually outsourced, and thus the audits for renewing PECAL certificates are carried out by companies with certification that is duly recognised by the Mixed Defence Committee-IAMD (CMDIN), prior authorisation of the Subdirector-General of SDGINSERT,

AENOR, as a certification body, has been approved since 2004, participating in the 1st phase of the PECAL/AQAP Certification Scheme, series 2000, which was applied in six Arms and Material Industries (IAMDs).

The standard PECAL 2210 does not form part of this Certification Scheme, and so the audits are always carried out by staff of the AII/SDGINSERT. Therefore, this outsourcing corresponds to standards PECAL 2110 and PECAL 2310.

At the moment, there are approximately two hundred companies certified by the MINISDEF (DGAM) across different sectors and spanning different sizes, and as part of which AENOR participates in processing the certificates of 55 organisations that have already been certified.