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N Mark Certified Product

N Mark Certified Product

N Mark product certificate plaque

Generating trust among companies and consumers

The AENOR N Mark is the symbol of a product's quality and safety, and is accredited by an independent third party, AENOR, a leading certification body.

The N Mark demonstrates that a products meets the requirements defined in standards and technical specifications and it helps companies access new markets by improving the image of its products and by building trust among customers and suppliers:

  • Trust in the company and among its customers, its shareholders, its employees, public administrations and its social environment.
  • Trust in the quality and safety of its products and services.

The AENOR N Mark is voluntary; manufacturers voluntarily submit their products to a full examination performed by independent agencies and specialists. The certification of the N Mark demonstrates that an organization, product, process or service meets the requirements defined in certain standards or technical specifications.

To certify each product, AENOR develops a specific certification system, establishing the standards and technical specifications, the certification procedures and the specific provisions.

AENOR's N Mark logo is recognized worldwide by both public and private users and facilitates the international trade of over 100,000 certified products. 



Everything is more straightforward with AENOR certification

A leading quality mark that gives assurance to customers.

  • The N Mark is the benchmark for construction and electrical products
  • The N Product MarkIt simplifies on-site acceptance of products as an independent third party has guaranteed the features of the product
  • International recognition from AENOR makes it easier to open new markets

Quality symbol


Guarantee of compliance with public and private requirements

The AENOR N Mark is the symbol most widely recognised by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport as:

  • Quality Standard in the General Register of the Technical Building Code (CTE)
  • Officially recognised logo (DOR) in accordance with the Code on Structural Concrete (EHE-08)
  • Officially recognised logo (DOR) in accordance with the Code on the reception of cement (RC-08)


The N Mark in society

The AENOR N product mark is a totally differentiating factor, which is present in all households and throughout society. It can be found on any product used in daily life and is an unequivocal guarantee that the product at issue meets specific requirements.

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