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Statutory Audit of Occupational Risk Prevention
Statutory Audit Occupational Risk Prevention Audit

Statutory Audit of Occupational Risk Prevention

Statutory Audit of Occupational Risk Prevention


It is a legal obligation for companies that carry out preventive activities with their own means, and those that choose to do so voluntarily, as established by the Law31/1995 on Risk Prevention and Royal Decree39/1997approving the Regulations for Prevention Services, and its modifications, specified in Royal Decrees 604/2006 and 337/2010.

The audit is a management instrument that tries to reflect the image of the company's occupational risk prevention system, assessing its efficiency and detecting any deficiencies that can give rise to breaches of regulations, to allow for the adoption of decisions aimed at perfecting and improving the system.

The audit carries out a systematic, objective, documented analysis of the system of prevention, including:

  • Assessment of the implementation of initial and periodic risk assessments, analysis, and verification of results.
  • Checking that the type and planning of preventive activities comply with the requirements of general legislation and regulations governing relevant specific risks.
  • Analysis of whether the resources available to the employer are sufficient for the procedures and means needed to carry out required preventive activities.

Assessment of the incorporation of preventive measures in the company's general management system, through the implementation, application, and subsequent evaluation of the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan.

The statutory audit can be conducted for any type of organisation, regardless of the sector in which it operates.

AENOR offers the option to perform the Health and Safety at Work Regulatory Audit in conjunction with theISO 45001 Certification in a single integrated process, thereby optimising the time and costs associated with auditing.

When the audit process has been satisfactorily completed, the organisation obtains:

  • Statutory audit report.
  • Certificate confirming conduct of the Statutory Audit.

In addition it gives free access to AENORnet and a subscription to the AENOR monthly magazine.

AENOR is a leader in Statutory Audits of Occupational Risk Prevention in Spain, and has issued more than 1,200 audit certificates. Since 2002, AENOR has been authorised as an auditing entity to conduct audits throughout Spain.