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Quality in Social Services
UNE 158000 Social Services Certification

Quality in Social Services

Quality in Social Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Certificación of social services UNE 158000

Public health certification schemes include standards for the UNE group 158000 for services rendered in Residential centres UNE 158101, Day or night centres UNE 158201, Home assistance UNE 158301​​ and Tele-assistance UNE 158401​​​.

Están concebidos para regular aspectos de las instalaciones, equipamiento, prestación y contratación del servicio, información y comunicación de los usuarios, protocolos de atención higiénico-sanitaros y psicosocial, recursos humanos y la gestión de la calidad. Specifically, they establish the basis of a system of services that generates trust within society.

These standards are applied to organisations that provide these services regardless of public or private ownership, as they are authorised by competent Public Administrations.

Benefits for your company:

  • ​They enable compliance with legislation.
  • They permit efficient, secure and professional management that consolidates the assessment and monitoring of the quality of the service provided by means of indicators.

They provide differentiation within the market, as a standard is adopted that has been drawn up with the consensus of all parties involved: Public Administrations, Industry Associations, trade unions...

Benefits for your clients:

  • They increase user satisfaction by fostering professional treatment, psychosocial and family support, coexistence and relations within the environment.
  • The requirements of these standards take into account service users and providers, family members and interaction with health services.
  • Certification enables customers to identify and differentiate between the services offered by each company by benefitting from public information.

Companies that provide social services related to the Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent Persons, irrespective of whether these are public, private or from the third sector. Residential centres with or without a day centre, Day/night centres, Home assistance services and Tele-assistance services.

Public administrations that manage social services, municipal, regional and national.

These certifications are in accordance with the standards of UNE 158000, are compatible with and complementary to the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001. The integration of both certifications makes it possible to optimise the certification process and consequent reduction in audit times and costs, while the joint implementation is greatly facilitated by the sharing of a large number of requirements, all of which is integrated into one combined set of documents.

Once the audit has been completed and the system implemented is aligned with the requirements of the UNE standard 158000 corresponding to each of the services, your organisation will obtain:

  • The AENOR Certified Service Certificate
  • A licence to use the AENOR N Mark.
AENOR Mark of Certified Service for Residential Centres

A Residential Centre
Service AENOR Mark

AENOR Mark of Certified Service for Day/night Centres

A day/night Centre
Service AENOR Mark

AENOR Mark of Certified Service for Home Assistance

A home help
Service AENOR Mark

AENOR Mark of Certified Service for Tele-assistance

A Telephone Helpline
Certified Service AENOR Mark


These standards are being used by the public administrations in order to specify the minimum quality requirements that organisations providing social services must fulfil. Since 2008, AENOR has issued 40 UNE social services service certificates 158000.

The Spanish Red Cross was the first entity in Spain to obtain an AENOR N Mark for telephone helpline services in accordance with Standard UNE 158401. This service helps almost 130,000 people. This certification was integrated into the certification that the Spanish Red Cross already held for telephone helpline services under Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001.