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Risk Management for Patient Safety UNE 179003
Risk Management for Patient Safety UNE 179003

Risk Management for Patient Safety UNE 179003

Risk Management for Patient Safety UNE 179003

Strategic aim: to improve patient safety

Health organisations are nowadays subject to huge challenges derived from the constant rise in costs due to the increase in assistance activity and the progressive complexity and specialisation of the processes and the techniques used. This situation has also generated a considerable increase in risks associated to health care processes.

Improving patient safety is a strategic aim shared by the whole sector.

AENOR, aware of this reality, and participant in the plans and programmes to improve quality that have been carried out in recent years, aims to contribute by means of the certification in accordance with the Standard UNE 179003​​​ to reduce risks to which patients are subject when passing through the health care system.

Certification of a risk management system, in accordance with this Standard, is the perfect tool to achieve the integrated management of healthcare quality and safety.

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This certification is aimed at all organisations in the healthcare and social healthcare sector that provide healthcare to citizens. Therefore, these are organisations that implement initiatives to improve patient safety, use adverse event warning systems, and, through the risk management system certification, want to generate useful and comprehensive knowledge of these adverse events to prevent future recurrence, promote best practices, improve the effectiveness of healthcare, and to control and minimise risks with the ultimate aim of improving healthcare safety.

The risk management certification for patient safety is compatible with and complementary to the certification UNE-EN-ISO 9001with the possibility of integrating the two models to increase the benefits for the healthcare centre. Likewise, hospitals can benefit from the certification under the standard UNE 179006 for infection surveillance, prevention and control systems related to healthcare in hospitals, based on the knowledge that hospital-acquired infection is one of the main risk factors in healthcare.

Companies certified by AENOR obtain:

  • The Risk Management Certification in accordance with the Standard UNE 179003.
  • The licence to use the AENOR mark of Risk Management.
AENOR Mark of Risk Management for Patient Safety

AENOR Mark for Risk Management for
Patient Safety​