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Crime prevention certification for organisations in accordance with UNE 19601
Crime prevention

Crime prevention certification for organisations in accordance with UNE 19601

Crime prevention certification for organisations in accordance with UNE 19601

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Good practices to prevent criminal offences, reduce risks and foster an ethical business culture that complies with the law.

AENOR has been accredited by ENAC to certify Criminal Compliance. Under standard 19601, it aims to reduce an organisation's exposure to criminal risk and promote a culture of crime prevention.

This standard establishes the requirements of a management system to:

  • Prevent criminal acts that may be committed by legal entities and that give rise to criminal liability.
  • Promote a culture of prevention and compliance and demonstrate the commitment of the organisation's leaders to the same.
  • Establishing suitable surveillance and control measures to prevent crime and significantly reduce the risk of crimes being committed.
  • Improve management, help to reduce the criminal risk, and give a greater guarantee of safety and trust to governing bodies, shareholders and investors, among other stakeholders.

Organic Law 1/2015 for the reform of the Penal Code considers crime prevention models as possible factors of exoneration and mitigation of the criminal liability of a legal person, as long as they fulfil a series of requirements.

This standard considers the provisions of Act 1/2015, with respect to the requirements of crime prevention models, and complements these requirements with the best international practices established under the scope of social responsibility, compliance and risk management.

External certification audits of criminal offence prevention models performed by a renowned independent expert such as AENOR are one of the most reliable, effective and transparent ways to respond to these requirements and prove that an organisation and its leaders are explicitly and publicly committed to a culture of compliance.

Organisations of any sector which, by their size, activity, sector, complexity, customer needs, international presence or relevance want to demonstrate their commitment to a culture of fulfilment and prevention of legal risks and of continuous improvement.

Certificado de conformidad de Compliance Penal conforme al Sistema de gestión de compliance penal. Requirements and guidelines for use. Completo y detallado informe de auditoria externa.

AENOR Conform IURISCERT Crime Prevention Mark

IURISCERT Criminal compliance​ UNE 19601

Organisations such as MUTUA MADRILEÑA, CECABANK; ELECNOR, SAREB, TELEFONICA, IBERDROLA, ENDESA…… ya han conseguido el certificado AENOR IURISCERT UNE 19601 una vez realizada la auditoria externa.​

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