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π marking of transportable pressure equipment

π marking of transportable pressure equipment

Pressure equipment

Access to the European market of transportable pressure equipment

In the European Union and in the European Economic Area, transportable pressure equipment must meet the requirements established in Directive 2010/35/EU (TEPED, Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive). The technical requirements that must be met by equipment are set out in the ADR/RID.

The TPED is applicable to manufacturers of transportable pressure equipment or their authorised representatives, as well as to the owners and/or operators of the equipment (people who use the equipment), all of whom are responsible for complying with the requirements.

The Pi marking ensures the free flow of products within the European Market.​

To market transportable pressure equipment, it is compulsory for a notified body, such as AENOR, to assess the design conformity and the production of transportable pressure equipment, in accordance with the requirements of the ADR/RID.

Transportable pressure equipment in use must undergo periodic controls with the frequency established in the ADR/RID. Similarly, the regulation requires that a notified body such as AENOR assess the compliance of these activities.

AENOR is notified by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and as an ENAC certified Inspection Entity with certification no. 332/EI662 for the following procedures assess conformity, along with periodical controls and revaluation, applied to pressure receptacles and their valves, according to chapter 6.2 of the ADR/RID:

  • Type approval
  • Applicant's inspection service: ​
    • For the monitoring of production and initial controls and tests of new pressure equipment;
    • For the periodic control of pressure equipment in use.
  • Reassessment of conformity

For the manufacturer: ​​​​​

  • The PI mark allows unrestricted access to the European market, removing trade barriers and allowing for the free movement of products
  • The CE Markthe Pi marking is also recognised in other global markets

For the the consumer

  • The Pi marking is a guarantee of protection for the consumer as it eliminates or reduces pressure-related risks in equipment available on the market.

Periodic controls enable owners and operators of equipment to ensure that the safety levels of equipment are maintained.

The conformity assessment and periodic control procedures for containers and receptacles are detailed in the ADR/RID. The conformity reassessment procedure is described in the TPED.

The conformity assessment procedures refer to the design and production phases of pressure equipment. The assessment and periodic control activities carried out by the notified body include: documentation reviews, testing, inspections, and audits.

The surveillance audits of the quality management systems used by the inspection service of the applicant are integrated seamlessly in the ISO 9001 audits.


N quality mark

​​AENOR assurance for your product

​​​​​​​​​AENOR certification confirms product quality and safety aspects

ISO 9001

Quality management systems

​​​​ISO 9001 ​certification can be combined with CE marking certification


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