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Installation services

Installation services

Partition installation in residences


The AENOR SI Mark certifies the quality of the installation process in construction and/or its maintenance, focused on companies that carry out installation services in any construction sector and maintenance in services usually aimed at citizens. It is one of AENOR's voluntary quality marks, which has great prestige and recognition at both national and international level. Companies that have completed the certification process to prove that they comply with the necessary requirements and have received the corresponding certificate from AENOR may use this mark, which symbolises the quality and safety of their products.

The aim of the mark is to ensure that the individuals who are responsible for installing systems in both new buildings and during renovation works have adequate training and continue to develop their skills on an ongoing basis. The mark is also proof that installation and maintenance companies have adopted best practices in the provision of maintenance services.

To do this, AENOR offers these types of companies a certification process performed by a body that is independent of the interested parties, in accordance with their characteristics. This enables them to comply with the requirements to obtain certification and helps customers and users better understand the quality of their installation and/or maintenance services.

As it is designed for installation companies, the emphasis is on professional qualifications. To obtain this certification, businesses that provide installation services within the construction sector must ensure that all their installation professionals pass a specific exam as part of the company's certification process.

AENOR has developed Specific Regulations for each product or system installed, which include all the steps performed during the certification process.          

Certificate granting phase

  • The company's formal application to AENOR
  • Installer exam to obtain a qualification
  • Inspection of the company's offices and facilities
  • Building site inspection
  • Granting of the certificate

Certificate monitoring stage

  • Annual building site inspection
  • Inspection of offices or facilities every five years
  • Continuation of the certificate



The installation company

  • A competitive advantage: entering into new markets and to providing greater access to construction works
  • Greater knowledge of the installation process thanks to the exhaustive inspection required by the AENOR Mark
  • Greater control of installation processes means lower expenditures on issues relating to poor quality
  • This certification has been tailored to take the installation company's activities into account, as it has been especially designed for SMEs that perform installation works in new buildings and renovation works
  • Improved service through self-assessments
  • Acknowledgment of good practices via an independent third-party entity, AENOR
  • Use of the AENOR logo in commercial documents and on vehicles

Public Administrations

  • Guarantee that the prescribed service will comply with applicable statutory requirements
  • Transparency of the AENOR certification process
  • Confidence that the installation professionals that have passed AENOR's exams will have suitable professional qualifications
  • Guarantee that the installation service has been previously checked and that it complies with the minimum requirements
  • Installation service with lasting confidence. Facilities are checked on an ongoing basis to ensure that the services that were originally certified continue to comply with the necessary requirements over time

The end user

  • Confidence, as customers know that the installation service has been previously checked
  • Credibility, as the installation service is assessed by a recognised certification body

Once it passes the certification process, the organisation obtains:

  • AENOR certificate for the certified installation service
  • Licence to use the AENOR SI Mark
Mark of installation services


Thermal insulators
Thermal insulators
  • Injected and blown cellulose
  • Blown and sprayed mineral wool
  • Styrofoam façade
  • Blown polyurethane
  • Heat measurement and regulation equipment in central heating and water heating installations.
  • SILENSIS SYSTEM Constructive system for masonry production
  • Children's play areas
  • Permanent outdoor fitness training equipment