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Certification of the Energy Service Project Business Plan
EA 0045 Business plans (PNPSE)

Certification of the Energy Service Project Business Plan

Certification of the Energy Service Project Business Plan

​Transparency and rigour in business plans

Certification that attests to all the requirements of an Energy Service Project Buisiness Plan (PNPSE), enabling it to be used as a benchmark that drives the promotion of savings and energy efficiency measures from an economic-financial viewpoint, based on proposals for technical improvements of an energy audit.

An Energy Service Project Business Plan confers transparency and rigour to the possibilities of executing savings measures in order to, among others aims, generate the trust necessary to gain public or private grants or financing facilities for these improvements.

It comprises a document that includes the procedures, strategies and long-term progress for economic-financial components that ensure the feasibility of an Energy Service Project.


This kind of certification currently takes into account the recommendations of the AENOR specification EA 0045 to fulfil energy audits, the energy conditions to be guaranteed, the inherent provisions, the operation and maintenance and the Measurement and Verification plan.

Carrying out Measurement and Verification will enable companies to have an understanding of the contract's degree of compliance and smooth running. Thus, it will enable companies to be informed, where applicable, of existing discrepancies and allows them to take corrective measures.

The Economic Approach justifies the ESP's expectations for success and is fundamental to gaining financing, grants or funding partners. Therefore, it must demonstrate the economic-financial feasibility of the ESP and it represents its first impression for third parties. The purpose is to demonstrate that it is the most suitable proposal to achieve the economic and financial objectives to maximise profits and minimise risk.

The Energy Service Project consists of:

  • Improvement measures to be implemented.
  • Energy terms and conditions to be guaranteed.
  • The included provisions.

It can be integrated with energy management systems in accordance with the Energy Management Systems standard ISO 50001. Requirements with guidance for its use (ISO 50001:2011): in fact, attaining a certificate in accordance with this standard is closely related to the PNPSE verification. Similarly, it is also closely related to the Energy Audit verifications.

Certified companies obtain:

  • The AENOR Certification of Conformity for the Energy Service Project Business Plan, according to the benchmark AENOR EA0045 PNPSE.
  • The AENOR PNPSE Mark user licence.

Furthermore, organisations with management systems certified by AENOR have free access to the AENORnet and a subscription to the AENOR monthly magazine.