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Certification of efficient driving management systems
Efficient driving management system

Certification of efficient driving management systems

Certification of efficient driving management systems

Recognition of the best practices in accordance with EA 0050

AENOR Specification EA 0050 describes the requirements that must be adopted to define, implement, maintain and improve an efficient driving management system in companies with industrial vehicle fleets. Included in this designation are road transport companies within both the logistics and passenger transport sectors, as well as environmental companies.

The Specification provides a reference guide for the parameters and metrics required for efficient driving and the preferred value ranges for said parameters, classified depending on context.

It establishes the efficient driving measurement and support systems that can be approved in accordance with this specification.

It specifies the foundations of an efficient driving monitoring system that serves as a basis for processes to assess a driver's ability and the company's own management practices.

The recommendations of specification AENOR EA 0050, from June 2015, are taken into consideration with this type of certification, in order to promote good practices of efficient driving, laid out in manuals for industrial vehicle drivers.

The SGCE, which combines the use ofnon-intrusive monitoring technologies in vehicles, which connect to Bus CAN, in addition to processes and methodologies to improve driver performance and efficiency requires contributions from the quality department, the service's planning technicians and, clearly, the involvement of drivers and their managers. After the SGCE was implemented, it was maintained without significant efforts by the company.

Energy management systems in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 50001. Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 50001:2011), as a matter of fact, obtaining a certificate in accordance with this standard is highly related to the certification of the Efficient Driving Management System.

Certified companies obtain:

  • The AENOR Conformity Certificate for the Efficient Driving Management System pursuant to the AENOR benchmark EA0050 SGCE.
  • The user licence of the AENOR Mark of Efficient Driving Management System.
  • AENOR Conform Mark
AENOR Conformity Efficient Driving Management System

AENOR Conformity
Efficient Driving Management System