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Cabify Colombia is granted the COVID-19 Protocol mark


AENOR has granted certification of COVID-19 Protocols to the Cabify mobility platform, making it the first company in its sector to receive it thanks to the safety protocols it has implemented. After passing the audit, AENOR accredited that Cabify has implemented optimum health and hygiene guarantees, both for its users, and its driving partners in all its categories in the city of Bogotá.

In this regard, AENOR has also certified the protocols designed to maintain safety at Cabify's corporate headquarters in Colombia, where more than 40 of the company's employees work. Cabify has activated a flexible remote teleworking plan, according to which attending the office is a voluntary decision made by each employee.

This certificate is an external endorsement of the effectiveness of safety measures implemented by the company and that it also complies with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health on matters of COVID-19 prevention and hygiene. Cabify will submit its safety protocols to periodic audits to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the regulations as part of its safety measures plan.