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Certification of Protocols against COVID-19

Certification of Protocols against COVID-19

Certification of Protocols against COVID-19

Protocols for the application of measures against of coronavirus

AENOR has strengthened diverse lines of action to boost our country's capacity to respond to the crisis caused by COVID-19. Evidence of the proper application of good practices in the management of coronavirus is key to transferring the necessary guarantees to workers, customers and consumers to generate confidence. In this regard, AENOR has developed a certification process for the protocols and measures put in place by organisations to meet this challenge, collaborating in the process of returning to normality and in the control of the day-to-day situation as well as contributing value to the business continuity processes.

In this way, AENOR will be supporting the best practices for the management of COVID-19 related risks for all types of facilities and services, such as in stations and public transport, shopping centres, hypermarkets and supermarkets, customer-based premises or industrial centres.

The facilities and services that are subject to AENOR's audit will have the security of applying suitable protocols and they will also be able to demonstrate to customers, employees and the general public their commitment to preventing the spread of COVID-19.  

This standard can be seamlessly integrated with other management systems, particularly with ISO 45001, given the direct relationship with the management of Occupational Health and Safety and with ISO 31001 on Risk Management and with ISO 22301 on Business Continuity Management.

As the two standards are so closely related, integrated audits can be carried out based on both standards. 

Additionally, AENOR offers the possibility of carrying out laboratory analysis to verify the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for both COVID-19 and other microorganisms, such as aerobic bacteria and Enterobacteriaceae.

Once the assessment process has been completed, if the measures adopted are in line with the established guidelines guide, the organisation will obtain:

  • Audit report on the Protocol of Measures adopted by the organisation against COVID-19
  • AENOR Certification of Protocols against COVID-19
  • Licence to use the AENOR Mark for the Protocol against COVID-19

AENOR Mark for the Protocol against COVID-19

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