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Tax Compliance Certification. UNE 19602

Tax Compliance Certification. UNE 19602

Tax Compliance Certification. UNE 19602

Good practice...TAX

The recent publication of Standard UNE 19602 now makes it possible for organisations to have a suitable system for managing criminal, anti-bribery and certified tax compliance, which will offer them significant advantages. This is because the standard can be used as proof before the Tax Agency or the courts to demonstrate that the organisation is willing to comply with all its tax obligations.

It helps companies implement a management system that facilitates the identification, prevention and detection of tax risks to avoid additional settlements and penalties and prevent offences being committed against the Public Treasury, and, in the event any of these situations do arise, to create control and mitigation mechanisms. It also facilitates transparency with regard to the tax administration and helps organisations be compliant in their relations with state, autonomous and local public administrations in an ethical way.

Organisations that have an effective tax compliance management system may use it in dealings with the tax administration to try to mitigate or be released from liability with respect to this administration. It can also be considered as a mitigating or exonerating factor in the event of a criminal offence against the Public Treasury.

Organisations of any sector, size or activity, with or without an international presence, that wish to demonstrate a culture of compliance, tax risk prevention and continuous improvement.

This standard is integrated seamlessly with this management system established by ​ UNE 19601 and ISO 37001.

Once the process has been completed, the organisation obtains:

  • A Crime Prevention Certification in accordance with the Crime Prevention in Organisations Management System. Requirements.
  • Complete and detailed external audit report.

Tax Compliance UNE 19602

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