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GlobalEPD Panel for cement products
Cement factory

GlobalEPD Panel for cement products

GlobalEPD Panel for cement products

This industry panel establishes the criteria regarding the environmental product declarations for cement products​

AENOR is the Administrator of the GlobalEPD Programme for verifying Environmental product declarations (EPD) in accordance with Standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

​The panel for cement products covers this very material: a hydraulic conglomerate formed by an inorganic material that is finely ground and mixed with water to form a batter. This batter then hardens via hydration reactions and processes and, once hardened, maintains its strength and stability even when covered in water.

Presidency: Luis Rodulfo Zabala, CEPCO

Secretary: Arturo Alarcón Barrio, IECA​​?

Technicians from the following organisations participate in the panel:

  • Cmentproducts Alfa, S.A.
  • A.G. Cement products Balboa, S.A.
  • Cemex España Operaciones, S.L.U.
  • Cementos Cosmos, S.A.
  • Holcim España S.A.
  • Lafarge Cementos, S. A.
  • Cementos Lemona, S.A.
  • Cementos Molins Industrial, S.A.
  • Cementos Portland Valderrivas, S, A.
  • Sociedad de Cementos y Materiales de Construccion De Andalucía, S.A.
  • Sociedad Financiera y Minera, S. A.
  • Cementos Tudela Veguin, S.A.
  • Uniland Cementera, S. A.
  • FHECOR Consulting Engineers
  • UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change
  • Mr. Manuel Fernandez Cánovas, Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Mr. Jaime Gálvez, Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Mr. Alejandro Josa García Tornel, Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Spanish Confederation of Construction Product Manufacturers, CEPCO
  • Spanish Institute for Cement and its Applications, IECA
  • Cement Manufacturers' Association of Spain, OFICEMEN

The EPD verified by AENOR in accordance with the GlobalEPD-RCP-03 Regulations are included in the General Register of Environmental Certifications of product life-cycle assessments and other environmental assessments of buildings of the Technical Construction Code (CTE) of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport


N Mark Certified Product

The mark is an officially-recognised standard for Codes RC-16 and EHE-08

European Passport

​​The CE MARK is a passport for building products

The CE mark provides access to the European Economic Area for construction products