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Industry panels

Industry panels

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Construction, food and other industries 

Product Category Rules (PCR) are documents that provide rules, requirements, and guidelines for developing an EPD for a specific product category, in accordance with the International standard ISO 14025.

These Rules, which establish the criteria for developing the Life-cycle Assessment (LCA), , can be issued as national, European or international standards, or as a recognized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

If specific PCR for an industry do not exist, AENOR creates representative industry panels consisting of industry stakeholders (associations, manufacturing companies, product customers, etc.), laboratories, Public Administrations and other interested parties. These groups submit a PCR proposal, subject to public viewing in the AENOR website, for its later approval within the GlobalEPD Programme. The work methodology of the sectorial panels is defined in theGeneral Rules of the GlobalEPD Programme.

In the food industry, AENOR has set up the panel on nuts.

In the sectors outside of construction and civil works or food production, AENOR has created the panel forfurniture.