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Serrano Ham Guaranteed Traditional Speciality
Serrano Ham Guaranteed Traditional Speciality

Serrano Ham Guaranteed Traditional Speciality

Serrano Ham Guaranteed Traditional Speciality

Producing Serrano ham using traditional methods to guarantee the distinctive texture, flavour and aroma of the end product

The term JAMÓN SERRANO is current protected by509/2006 on guaranteed traditional specialities of food products.

Commission Regulation (EC) No 1204/2008, on 3 December 2008, regarding the registration of certain denominations in the register of guaranteed traditional specialities, established in Council Regulation (EC) No 509/2006 on the guaranteed traditional specialities of agricultural and food products

Products marketed under this label must be certified by an accredited body that verifies compliance with the specifications for the production of a Guaranteed Traditional Speciality.

In order to grant and maintain the certificate, AENOR performs regular controls, including audits and testing, to verify that the self-monitoring system of the manufacturer complies with the applicable requirements related to the characteristics of raw materials, specific conditions of the different production phases, physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of the end products, and also the curing times established by the Standard.

​AENOR has qualified personnel in order to be able to offer audits integrated with other certification schemes that apply to the meat sector: Royal Decree 993/2004 (SAE), ​ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, “CONTROLLED BY FACE”,…​​


The companies certified by AENOR obtain recognition from the Administration in order to be able to use the protected name. Similarly, if the company has a Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of the standard ISO 9000 certified by AENOR, it can obtain a user licence for the AENOR Mark for Serrano Ham.

At present, AENOR holds the statutory recognitions issued by the competent authorities to operate as an authorised inspection authority for the certification of agri-food products for SERRANO HAM. AENOR is also accredited by ENAC, the Spanish National Accreditation Entity, in accordance with Standard UNE EN ISO 17065 within said scope.